Shenzhen, China

China's skatespots have been a revelation. No, this is not an overstatement. Marble, marble everywhere, and not a skatestopper in sight. Shenzhen is the kind of place you thought couldn't exist anywhere on earth. Not after you have seen entire cities and their ledges and rails covered in skatestoppers. China truly is a skate paradise, and the 24 ounce beers for under a buck help make it that much better. Buy the ticket, take the ride- it will be a great one.

  • Children's Palace

    That one spot
    with the perfect banks

    One of the main four gigantic plaza's of Shenzhen, the museum offers a smooth granite ditch spot with a mellow bank curb. It's centrally located, and the banks are very mellow. There's also a manual pad into the bank.

    About Children's Palace

  • The Shenzhen Museum

    Bring Wax! Just kidding- no wax needed.

    The marble is perfect, the ledges are slightly taller than
    average, and security is relatively lax. If you want a ten foot crooked grind, this is your place. You still aren't
    allowed to snowplow nosegrinds though.

    About The Museum

  • Deng Xiaoping

    Shenzhen's most
    recognizable spot

    Deng Xiaoping is short for 'Deng Xiaoping Plaza', and the former leader's mug overlooks this spot from atop a
    massive bilboard. Located in Luohu district, this spot is perfect. Just watch out for the dancers!

    About Deng Xiaoping

  • Tao Yuan Ju

    3 stair, 4 stair, and 6 stair
    ledges off stairs. 

    It's kind of a trek to get out here, but Tao Yuan Ju, the
    name of Shenzhen's largest neighborhood, is an
    oasis in the middle of Bao'an, one of Shenzhen's industrial districts. Bring your go-to tricks for these ledges.

    About Tao Yuan Ju 

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