Paris, France

While it has never had the hype of Barcelona, Paris has held its own for decades. For years, there have been tales of the draining of the ponds beneath the Eiffel Tower, revealing great banks with a better view. Check Blind's 1991 classic "Video Days" for visual confirmation of this. Those banks, along with other spots like Le Dome and La Defense, make Paris an essential for any Euro-tripper.

  • Bercy

    An indoor sports complex with
    huge outdoor stair sets

    Palais Omnisports de Paris: Easily recognized by it's
    massive pyramid shape and grassy walls it's hard to miss
    on your way to Skatepark de Bercy.

    About Bercy Ledges

  • Palais de Tokyo

    Revenons à nos moutons

    Dubbed "Le Dome" by skaters, the Palais de Tokyo is dedicated to contemporary and modern art, though some
    may argue the greatest forms of self-expression go on OUTSIDE the museum.

    About Le Dome

  • La Defense

    You've gotta hit the 

    As Europe's largest purpose-built business district,
    skaters come from all around to put in work. Mess up
    on the up-ledge, and you will get worked indeed!

    About La Defense

  • La Vague du Parc

    It's French for
    'Spot Porn'.

    We're not sure what 'La Vague' actually means,
    but we love the spot. It has been a classic of Paris
    for decades, and will be for more to come.

    About La Vague

  • "Skate Park"

    Original spot,
    Unoriginal name

    This sculpture, created by Peter Kogler,
    isn't easy to skate, but it sure does look nice.
    Step up and try a pivot to fakie.

    About "Skate Park"

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