London, UK

  • South Bank Centre

    Another skate mecca
    under threat of relocation

    It's hard to imagine anyone would want to destroy such an important piece of living history, yet as of today skaters
    are fighting to keep South Bank from becoming the next Embarcadero.

    About South Bank

  • Saint Paul's

    Skate, then repent
    for once owning The Storm.

    Saint Paul's is an impressive domed cathedral with a lot of history, both inside and out. The ground is old and cobbled, but the ledges are fun.

    About Saint Paul's

  • Euston Banks

    3 spots
    1 name

    Euston Banks refer to three different spots surrounding Euston Station, most notably the black marble banks seen here. Frank Hirata first introduced 'em back in 1995,
    and it's been downhill since.

    About Euston Banks

  • Shell Centre

    Just around the corner from South Bank

    One of London's most famous spots until the 3, 6 and 7
    stairs were "bumped" with skatestoppers. Still, we've
    gotta pay homage to one of London's most classic
    spots of all time.

    About Shell Centre

  • Kennington Bowl

    Saved by Converse
    Still a rough spot

    This spot has been around for a long time and recently
    had begun to show it's age. Cracks and gaps plagued Kennington Bowl until Converse paid for it's refurbishment.
    Thank you corporate America!

    About Kennington Bowl

More London Spots Coming Soon:

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