Montbau Sculptures

  • Cidade Skate #4 - Especial Barcelona - Montbau.
  • montbau
  • Josef Scott Jatta Liner, MONTBAU Barcelona
  • Montbau Ledges

What Makes it Rad

Montbau is fairly spread out and has two spots that you'll recognize from videos. The first is the steep brown bank that Tom Penny fakie flipped in one of the Sorry videos, while the second is the long ledge over a dirt gap that once saw a backside 5-0 heelflip out, our personal favorite.

If you appreciate strange pieces of public art, Barcelona is your city and Montbau is definitely your spot. Only here can you shred a giant box of matches with a bank at its base, or perhaps skate a giant brown wedge that represents the oppression of the Spanish people under the dictatorial Franco regime, with a subtle gridlike pattern evoking the simultaneous allure and repulsion of a life under a unified Spain without the threat of Basque separatism. Or some shit, C'mon bro, didn't you go to art school?

How to get there