SF Public Library

  • Skater jumpin' the San Francisco Library
  • SF Library Contest September 20, 2009
  • San Francisco Main Library on New Years day
  • San Francisco Main Library manual back to back

What Makes it Rad

All you really need to know about the library can be summed up by Mike Carroll's epic opening line in Transworld's Modus Operandi. The Library is a huge bust and often largely unskateable, unless the bars that have been placed across the surface of the ledges have been removed by some community-minded skateboarders. Still, it's a spot worth paying homage to, and you'll likely find something to have fun with. There are multiple gaps, including the most recognizable high to low flat gap, with ledges that also function as manual pads. Pay your respects and visit the Library next time you visit San Francisco. 

How to get there