• Classics - EMB
  • Classics - EMB Gonz Kickflip
  • Gino Iannucci and Mark Gonzales - Gonz Gap, EMB
  • Mike Carroll Plan B Questionable 1992
  • Mike Carroll - H-Street (1990-1991)
  • Classics - EMB—In The Day
  • Unseen James Kelch, early 1990s EMB (raw)
  • EMB with Mike Carroll and Jovantae Turner
  • EMB Memories with Karl Watson - Insight Part 2 of 2
  • HENRY TERMINATOR SANCHEZ embarcadero EMB solar storm
  • Henry Sanchez at EMB 1992 (Audio Fix)
  • Henry Sanchez - Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies
  • 3 Hours at EMB.
  • Old Emb Footage
  • Another day at Embarco
  • Doug Shoemaker - Old EMB Footage

What Made EMB Rad

One of the most definitive skatespots of all time. EMB, or Embarko, or Justin Herman Plaza, might just be the most legendary street spot of all time. It had everything- ledges, the 3-stair, the seven, the Gonz Gap. Plus, if you were lucky, James Kelch might even sell you your own skateboard.

  • EMB

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