3 Up 3 Down

  • Satori Wheels 3 up - 3 down Comp
  • Van Wastell 3 Up 3 Down S.F. All Released Footage
  • Jake Eames line at 3 up 3 down
  • 3 up 3 down
  • Roughneck 2007 Bart Tour - 3 up 3 down
  • 3 Up, 3 Down on Mission in San Fran
  • 3 Up, 3 Down on Mission in San Fran

What Makes it Rad

An undisputed SF classic, and the rare SF spot that has remained bust free. Located in the Mission, this is the hottest spot in SF for both manuals and mustache'd tech yuppies. It has been fun to watch the level of skating progress at the 3 Up 3 Down over the years. Starting in the mid-90s, it'd be a trick up and trick down, but by the early 2000s it was a trick up, a manual, and a trick out. And who can forget Van Wastell's backside 5-0 varial heelflip out? The legend lives on.  

How to get there