San Francisco, CA

The hills make make San Francisco The City. Spots have come and gone, especially during the late 90s and early 00s, when many a soldier fell- Black Rock, Brown Marble, Union Square, and of course, EMB. Others took their place- Third and Army, Bernal Heights Banks foremost among them. The one constant- the hills. From The Dish in the 70s to Tommy Guerrero in the 80s to All the EMB heads of the 90s, SF's skate scene has been as dynamic and rapidly changing as the city itself. 

EMB is gone, and so is Jovontae, but the hills are still there. If  you want to know San Francisco, this is all you need to know.

  • Embarcadero 

    Pour a 40 out for this fallen soldier

    The first world famous street spot, EMB, or Embarko 
    drew people from all over the world. It's red bricks,  
    famous seven stair, and C-block ledge saw some of
    the most legendary 90s tricks go down.

    About Embarco

  • Wallenberg

    A massive 4-set set first hit by
    Mark Gonzales

    Gonz was the first to hit it with an ollie back in 1991's 
    Video Days, but certainly not the last. Most recently,  
    this 4-set beast was switch flipped.

    About Wallenberg

  • Pier 7

    A classic, through and through.

    It was skatestopped years ago, but is resurrected from
    time to time. If you are down by the waterfront, stop by
    and pay tribute to all the glorious manuals that went
    down atop the Pier's blocks.

    About Pier 7

  • Hubba Hideout

    The First Hubba Ledge Ever.

    The first time I ever visited Hubba, as a fresh-faced 
    twelve year old, the first thing I saw was a big
    pair of white underwear full of shit. That, and 
    Lenny Kirk's switch back 5-0, sum the spot up.

    About Hubba Hideout

  • 3rd and Army

    Basically a skatepark.

    Legend has it that this spot was first discovered by 
    Mike Carroll. Whoever found it, 3rd and Army is
    most definitely on the map. The ledges are a little
    chunkier now, but we still love it.

    About 3rd & Army

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