Portland, OR

It's no surprise that Portland, the city that embraces all things alternative, should come to be the most skate-friendly city in America. Sure, it's got some good street spots, and is home to the well-respected Jamie Fortune and his switch flip (which he almost took down Wallenberg ten years ago, by the way) and skateboard genius Matt Beach. But what makes Portland great is its concrete. It was the first city to get DIY right, when it built Burnside nearly two decades ago, and it continues to do skateparks the right way to this day. 

  • Burnside
    Skate Park

    Legendary. Portland's greatest contribution to skate history

    Originally built by skaters without permission, the city eventually approved the area as a public skate park.

    About Burnside

  • Park Blocks
    9 Stair

    A long 9-stair set, perfect for
    going big, looks great on film

    BeavertonKrew has put up a lot of good footage here,
    keep lurking to check  out their videos.

    About Park Blocks 9

  • O'Bryant
    Square Park

    a central hub of
    portland "street" activity

    With a nice line of brick stair sets and a unique fountain piece to skate on this place is dying for a session!

    About O'Bryant

  • Lincoln
    High School

    Ledges, rails and stairs
    oh my!

    An excellent Sunday spot with chunky red & white ledges, 11 stair hand rail and 10 stair hubba in the back.

    About Lincoln

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