Philadelphia, PA

A lot of skate meccas are inevitable- c'mon, how couldn't San Diego be one? And Shenzhen? Only a matter of time before people found it. Philly though, Philly's different. Philly was never destined  to be the Philly we know today, it was made this way through blue collar work ethic from people like Ricky Oyola and street hustle promotion from guys like Stevie Williams. Love Park helped, but that alone isn't enough to sustain a globally-recognized skate scene, especially in a place with Philly's winters. Knowing this makes any footage from Philly's cobbled streets that much sweeter.

  • FDR Skate Park

    This place can pose a
    challenge to almost anyone

    Created by skaters, for skaters, it is considered within the skateboarding community to be an excellent park with endless speed lines.

    About FDR

  • Temple University

    Learners come to learn,
    skaters come to skate

    With FDR and LOVE nearby it's no wonder skaters are attracted to this place of higher learning; it's time to
    put all those physics theories to the test!

    About Temple

  • Dilworth Plaza

    Another lost battle of
    the skate youth (R.I.P.)

    Dilworth Plaza, better known as the famed "City Hall" spot was demolished recently as part of a plan to transform the plaza west of City Hall and the subway areas below.

    About City Hall

More Philly Spots Coming Soon:

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