New York, NY

The spots- cellar doors, the cobbled Brooklyn Banks, steam vent gaps- look good on video. Great, even. Like NYC's residents, they are rough and to the point. Still, you probably don't want to skate 'em. Whether cracks or crackheads, there's always something in the way in NYC.

  • Brooklyn Banks

    Patiently waiting for 2014...

    “It’s the best skate park in the world, because it wasn’t supposed to be a skate park,” -Mike Vallely

    This skate haven was recently destroyed for bridge renovations, but for years this sacred ground has been the place to see and be seen. It is set to reopen in 2014.

    About Brooklyn Banks

  • Pyramid Ledges

    A featured New York favorite
    for over 20 years

    The Pyramid Ledges have been a source of constant
    struggle between property maintenance and skaters, as
    knobs are installed and removed on a regular basis.
    Fight the good fight and help keep them free from tyranny!
    Or don't, that's fine too.

    About Pyramid Ledges

  • The Courthouse

    This is where you film your ender. 

    This is probably the gnarliest spot in all of
    NYC- bring your balls!

     Getting a trick on the ledge is only half the battle.
     After that, you'll have to be sure to keep your balance 
     down the bank, hit the kink, and drop seven feet.

    About Courthouse Drop

  • Flushing Meadows

    The crown jewel of Queens

    Built for the World's Fair in 1964, and recognizable 
    by it's Globe sculpture, Flushing is best in class.

    Flushing was a great spot to begin with, with smooth 
    flatground surrounded by a huge circular marble ledge. 
    Then, they turned it into a skatepark.

    About Flushing

  • Tompkins Square

    Lots of flat, ground, and flatground. 

    “The best skatespot in New York City, maybe the World"
     said no one ever. 

     But probably the best empty baseball diamond in NYC. 
     You show up there not to skate a great skatespot, but to 
     meet up, shoot the shit, and snap a few kickflips. 

    About Tompkins Square

More NYC Spots Coming Soon:

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