Stoner Skate Plaza

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  • Stoner Montage Edit January 2012 with Sebo Walker, Peter McClelland, Skater Pat and friends.
  • Stoner Park

What makes Stoner Plaza rad

Somehow not named for its stoned clientele, Stoner Plaza gets its namesake from its location on Stoner Avenue in LA. Stoner is Dyrdrek's best work since Time Code, and definitely surpasses Wild Grinders in overall shredability. 

If you fancy a skate session in the birthplace of skateboarding, and are perhaps curious how old it takes before you see a 12 year old 360 flip lipslide (4 minutes by our count) to make you feel really fucking old, this is your place.

It's got a mellow wedge-to-wedge gap, double sided hubba, a bank to ledge, and smooth concrete ground. Plus manny pads and creatively laid-out ledges. If you like ledges, you'll dig it. If you want a bowl (not that kind, stoner) head to Venice.

How to get there