Belmont High School

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  • DC King of LA 2008-Belmont 9 Contest
  • DC King of LA 2008- Belmont Big Stair/Rail
  • Spencer Brown( From Baltimore ) Belmont high school - LA
  • Nike SB Behind the Scenes Switch Tre Flip
  • Little Belmont night session
  • Full Belmont 9 attempt
  • Belmont 9 PW
  • hardflip belmont 9
  • Oliver Kinnoin F/S Flip Belmont

What Makes Belmont Rad

No, not the Belmont Ledges in Long Beach. This is Belmont High School, which saw a lot of play starting around Girl's "Yeah Right" days. It's got a nice 9-stair, which is exactly the kind of spot we here at SkateMore like to roll up to five or so times before saying 'nah dawg, ankles tweaked- I'll come back here next week for the nollie back heel'. That's just how we do it.

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Belmont Skate Map