Los Angeles, CA

Ahh, good old LaLaLand. Not only the birthplace of modern skateboarding as we know it, but a hub of innovation for four decades running. It's the Silicon Valley of skate cities, where the right factors- perfect weather, urban sprawl, convenient transportation links to the rest of the world- converge to create a skate paradise. More skate progression has come out of LA than anywhere else in the world, and just as Blockbusters stream from Hollywood, and shag-carpeted porn from the San Fernando Valley, the most progressive skateboarding and skate videos come from LA. 

Skateboarding may be more global these days, with cities like Barcelona and Shenzhen now mainstream fixtures, but Los Angeles remains the star. 

  • Hollywood
    High School

    Where the stars go to skate!

    With a sexy 12 and 16 set taking center stage, nearly
    every pro has rolled through Hollywood High on the
    road to stardom. Take it down either the set or, if
    in the mood to risk impalement, over the fence.

    About Hollywood High

  • Lockwood

    Feel the Heat!

    From Chuck Wampler getting shot to Keenan Milton's
    switch flip over a full picnic table, this elementary
    school in the hood has seen it all, and will
    see more in the years to come.

    About Lockwood

  • Belmont
    High School

    A classic of the 00s's.

    The first time you saw Belmont, it might have
    been when Jason Dill ollied over a ledge 
    to back blunt the 9-stair rail in Photosynthesis.
    Since then, Belmont has provided plenty of bangers.

    About Belmont

  • Wilshire

    Perfectly Gnarly

    First hit on video by The Gonz in 1991's Video Days,
    Wilshire has probably seen more skate carnage than
    any other spot in LA's long skate history,
    which is saying a lot. 

    About Wilshire

  • Beverly Hills
    High School


    In addition to schooling LA's wealthiest little children,
    BHHS features a bunch of perfect rails for your
    shredding pleasure. Just remember your
    ABD's (Already Been Dones!)

    About BVHS

More LA Spots Coming Soon:

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