Jason Dill

They don’t make ‘em like Jason Dill anymore and that’s a fact. There was a long stretch of skateboarding history where it was rebellious; where whatever anyone else was into we were out of, where the words of our pros were purposely antagonistic and confrontational rather than pre-programmed PC sound bites. If you listen to Jason Dill you know he’s never out grown out of that mentality. He speaks his mind, says/does/skates what he wants the way he wants without giving two shits about what anyone thinks about it… that’s the essence of skateboarding.

Jason grew up in the nineties in Huntington Beach, CA in a time when some of the greatest street skaters ever were making their bones. He was a part of the early World Industries/101 camp that changed the way street skating would be regarded forever more. Since then he’s lived a hundred lives on and off the skateboard, most of them while riding for Alien Workshop, one the most respected brands in the business.

His 2000 video part in Alien’s "Photosynthesis" is the stuff of legends; 50 years from now kids will still look to that part for inspiration. Jason’s smooth, effortless skating throughout his career and his ability to reinvent his appearance and trick selection again and again and again earned him the 28th spot on Transworld’s, "30 Most Influential Skateboarders Of All Time List" in 2012.

Ironically, Dill admits he will, "never ride [his] own Pro model. It's usually a Grant, Ave or Dylan Graphic Alien Workshop board, Independent trucks, and 51mm wheels. I like Mob grip,I don't work or ride for them, I just like that grip the most. I don't ride for the maker of the 'Swiss' bearings either, but I won't ride a board without 'em... Take the shields off!"

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