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Harold Hunter (April 2, 1974 – February 17, 2006) was a professional skateboarder and actor. He was best known on screen for his part in Larry Clark's 1995 film "Kids", playing the role of Harold.

Hunter was born in New York City and grew up in the East Village. He became associated with a local skate crew that hung out near Tompkins Square Park and was first sponsored by local skate shop "Skate NYC". Hunter first came to public attention in 1989 in a Thrasher magazine photo essay photographed by Charlie Samuels about the New York City skateboard scene. A goofy-footed skateboarder, Hunter was sponsored most notably by Zoo York. Later on he started Rock Star Bearings Co.

Hunter also appeared in the critically acclaimed TV series Kung Faux performing various voice-overs, and on an episode of the popular TV series Miami Ink. In the episode he received a tattoo from Chris Garver which commemorated his New York roots and his connections from his youth with the World Trade Center. The tattoo was on his upper arm and depicted the towers with a skateboarder jumping in front of them, with the words "New York City" above, and "Sk-8 or Die" below. This tattoo is also revisited in another episode of Miami Ink that focuses of Chris Garver's tattoos.

On February 17, 2006, Hunter was found dead from a cocaine-induced heart attack in his Lower East Side apartment. The Harold Hunter Foundation was founded in his memory to support city kids interested in skateboarding.


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