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Guy Mariano (born March 31, 1976) started skating at the age of 7. His first sponsor was Val Surf, a Californian retail outlet for the skateboard, snow, and surf cultures established in 1962. His first skateboard deck sponsor was Powell Peralta and he appeared in the company's video, Ban This, alongside Paulo Diaz, Rudy Johnson, and Gabriel Rodriguez.

In a 2011 interview, Mariano stated that both he and Johnson were satisfied with their Powell sponsorship but were inspired by Mark Gonzales and wished to be involved with a venture led by him. They both moved into Gonzales' house, and after a year of skateboarding with Gonzales, readily agreed to join the Blind team roster.

In 1991, Mariano, along with Gonzales, Jason Lee, Jordan Richter, and Rudy Johnson, appeared in the Blind video, Video Days; a film considered a classic achievement in skateboarding history. Skateboarder Magazine brought together all of the video's members for a reunion article that celebrated twenty years since the video's release. Professional skateboarder, Paul Rodriguez explained in 2003 that he first saw Video Days in 1999 to better understand why his generation skated the way it did and also because the video inspired him to skateboard.

Following Blind, Mariano joined the Girl Skateboards team and is recognized for a seminal part in the video, Mouse (1996). Since joining the Girl team, Mariano has appeared in every major Girl video production.

In 1998, Mariano joined professional skateboarders Rodney Mullen, Jeron Wilson, Andrew Reynolds, Gershon Mosley, Ryan Wilburn, Heath Kirchart and Mike York on a trip to Australia for the filming of a documentary entitled Canvas. The film was co-directed by Mike Hill, part owner of Globe.

Mariano contributed a part in Lakai Limited Footwear's 2008 skateboarding video, Fully Flared. At the annual Transworld Skateboarding Awards ceremony his part won for "Best Street", "Best Video Part" and "Readers Choice" while the video itself won for"Best Video". Mariano did not have a prepared speech for any of the awards; after winning "Best Street" he was quoted as stating, "I’m older than most of you so I’m going to cry" and "I love everybody!!! I love skateboarding!!!" following the announcement of the "Best Video Part" decision.

In 2012, Mariano received the closing video part in the Girl and Chocolate collaborative video, Pretty Sweet. Initially, Mariano was merely going to be featured in a montage section, but after he was encouraged by the director, Ty Evans, to "focus more on his stuff", he assembled enough footage for a full video part that even features a number of tricks filmed in China. Mariano revealed in an interview that the filming process for the video was very physically intensive and required, "ice baths, massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments." Following the video release there was a lot of talk about Mariano receiving the Thrasher Magazine "Skater of the Year" award but the award was eventually given to David Gonzalez.

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