Fred Gall

Fred Gall... What can we really say about the guy that hasn't been said already? He's a Dirty Jersey native and Philly transplant, considered one of the most recognizable faces in East Coast skateboarding and used to ride with Ricky Oyola on the Subzero Team back in the day.

But if there's one way to best sum him up, in 2010, Lowcard Magazine awarded him their prestigious title, "Worst Skate of the Year".

In 2012 he inadvertently hosted the 1st (and sadly not the last) annual "Scum League" session at a real shit-hole of a warehouse in New Jersey called Shorty's Place; complete with hooker mattress, used needles and plenty of empty crack vials.

He currentlly runs a screen-printing company called Domestics that shares a warehouse with his personal mini-ramp.

Oh... and you should probably know about his part in Alien Workshop's "Time Code" and the Habitat Section of "Photosynthesis" too.

Photo courtesy of Roughneck Hardware. 

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Fred Gall's board sponsor is the one and only Habitat Skateboards. His shoe sponsor is i-Path, which we didn't even realize existed anymore until just now. For trucks, Fred keeps it classy with Independent, and for clothing its Domestics, which is actually his own company.

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