Chaz Ortiz

At a somewhat younger age, Chaz Ortiz is already a popular and successful skater. At six years old, Chaz begged his dad for a skateboard and began learning tricks. It didn’t take long for the skateboard industry to notice Ortiz’s ability on a board. While at a contest in Philly he picked up Zoo York as a sponsor by the legendary skaters Harold Hunter and Jefferson Pang.

At only 13 years old, Chaz competed in the Free Flow Tour, where he finished in first for Skate Park. With this he was offered a wildcard entry to the PlayStation Pro prelims. Shocking everyone with a perfect run, he placed fifth. In the finals, he held down the fort to finish sixth overall in his first pro contest. Over the past few years Chaz has quickly made a name for himself in the skateboarding world by racking up an impressive tally of top finishes at all the major contests. Standouts include placing 2nd at Phoenix Am 2008, 6th at Tampa Am 2008, 2nd at Volcom Damn Am 2007.

Chaz is known for his super smooth, seemingly effortless style, and at 16 years of age he exudes a quiet confidence well beyond his years. With youth on his side, fire in his heart and a deep bag of man-sized tricks on lock, Chaz truly is the future of skateboarding.

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