Anthony Pappalardo

Photo courtesy of Quartersnacks

The child star follows the same path time and time again:

1. Come out of nowhere to charm audiences everywhere (see: Photosynthesis)

2. Follow up a very public introduction with several more impressive pieces of work (see: IE; Mosaic)

3. Choose one of two directions: Develop a drug addiction and have several very public meltdowns/run-ins with the law (see: Antwuan Dixon; Lindsey Lohan) OR take your craft in a new and controversial artistic direction (See: Wood Working; Fully Flared)

4. Face the ridicule of the world at large

5. Stage a late career comeback a la Tom Penny??? 

Anthony Pappalardo Video Footage

  • Anthony Pappalardo - Mosaic
  • Anthony Pappalardo - I.E. - TransWorld SKATEboarding - ie