Where are they now? Life after skateboarding.

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Professional skateboarding is a young man's game. While careers do sometimes extend into the 40s for a lucky few, 17 years of age seems to be the prime of peak skate ability for most.

Let's say you drop out of high school to pursue a career in skateboarding. After a decade (if you're lucky) of skateboarding professionally, probably without health insurance, you are washed up kid, you're just not what you used to be. What do you do?

For some, the post-pro path involves staying in the skate industry as a TM, company owner, or simple hanger on. Others leave the industry altogether to pursue new opportunities. Here we chronicle some post-skate career choices former pros have made. This is "Where Are They Now? Life After Skateboarding"

  • Salman Agah; Pizzanista

    After pioneering switch stance skateboarding and winning Thrasher's Skater of the Year in 1995, Agah decided to blaze trails outside of skateboarding as an entrepreneur. Like every entrepreneur, Agah has had both hits and misses. After ceasing production on his energy drink company "Skaterade" in 2010 he opened Pizzanista, a pizza shop in LA that boasted Heath Kirchart as a delivery boy for a short time.

    Click the image above to see Salman's featured part in Real Skateboards "Kicked out of Everywhere".
  • Ocean Howell; Professor

    When not getting down with silky smooth backside flips, Ocean Howell is getting downright nerdy with pieces like The Poetics of Security: Skateboarding, Urban Design, and the New Public Space. Now working as an Assistant Professor of History and Architectural History at the University of Oregon, Howell is proof that there is life after skateboarding after all.

    Click the image to watch a mixtape of classic Ocean Howell footage.
  • Jerry Fowler; EMT

    After dipping the shit out of his back smiths for a decade as a pro, Jerry Fowler became a certified EMT and drove ambulances for a living, before getting back into the game with Hopps. We're not sure what else he's doing now.

    Click the image to watch Jerry Fowler's classic 411 profile.
  • Chuck Wampler; Police Officer

    Maybe getting shot 4 times in a camera robbery at Lockwood gave Wampler a taste for justice. Whatever it is, dude is now a cop and is still ripping on a skateboard.

    Click the image to watch Chuck Wampler in Old Star's "Hella Evil"
  • Rob Dyrdek; Mogul

    There is really no other way to describe Dyrdrek than "Mogul". Although "BO$$" would suffice. Maybe even BAWSE is ok. With investments in everything from Wild Grinders to Alien Workshop to Street League, Dyrdek is living by the philosophy of C.R.E.A.M.

    Click the image to watch Rob Dyrdek in Alien Workshop's "Memory Screen".
  • Bo Turner; Auto-Parts Manager

    When not threatening dudes with physical violence, Bo works as an auto-parts manager.

    Click the image to watch Bo Turner in Alien Workshop's "Memory Screen".
  • Anthony Pappalardo Wood Work

    Last we heard Anthony was crafting handmade wooden art and furniture. We're not really sure now though- Anthony, where you at?

    Click the image to watch Anthony Pappalardo in Lakai's "Fully Flared"
  • Ricky Oyola; Lori Driver, Family Man, Twinge of Bitterness

    After capturing skating in the big city better than anyone else in the Eastern Exposure videos, Ricky Oyola is now a family man and lori driver. Classic example of a guy who was kind of left behind by skateboarding.

    Click the image to watch Ricky Oyola in "Eastern Exposure 3".
  • Heath Kirchart; Team Manager

    After retiring from skateboarding, Heath couldn't stay away for long, and now works as Emerica's TM. One of the few in skateboarding to go out at the top of their game and not milk it.

    Click the image to watch Heath Kirchart in Emerica's "Stay Gold".

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