When Skate Brands Collide - 2011

on Saturday, 31 August 2013.

Here's a math problem for you... Two skate brands are on the same track heading towards each other at high speed. If one brand is traveling at 105mph and the other is traveling at 115mph how fucking awesome will their product line be when they collide? 

Questions such as this have plagued scholars for decades and although we don't have the answer, our belief is you can always look to the past to predict the future. So join us as we journey back in time for answers and review some of the best skate brand collaborations to date.

2011 Collaborations

  • Girl x Hello Kitty x Mike Carroll: Hella Kitty 2 (Spring 2011)

    Once that evil bitch Kitty has her claws in you she'll never let go! If it was up to me I would've called it the "Hello Carroll" line... Whatever.
  • Baker x Superjail: SuperJack Series (Summer 2011)

    Superjail is a late night cartoon that can be described as extreme, graphic, psychedelic, animated violence. Ya know, when you think about it, so can Baker... I guess that's why they were able to create one of the greatest skate deck series of all time.
  • Zero x DGK: Fresh Till Death (Summer 2011)

    Ok here's another one for you... What do you get when you cross DGK with Zero Skateboards? DIRTY ZERO KIDS! The two skate crews teamed up for this skate deck series release just in time for their 2011 Fresh 'Til Death Tour.
  • DGK x Zero: Fresh Till Death (Summer 2011)

    And we couldn't possibly for get about the DGK team...
  • Lakai x Creature: Pico Black (Summer 2011)

    There's just something about that Creature green that makes you want to go out and lurk on some motherfuckers. And what better way to lurk than on your Creature deck in your Creature shoes?
  • Metal x Habitat (Summer 2011)

    Lou Metal of Metal Skateboards and Fred Gall have been friends since they were kids. It's because of their relationship that Metal and Habitat have joined forces. Each graphic represents a mirror image of what each skater would see from their bad side. Gall's graphic is a Cop... Go figure. Each board also says, “Visions From The Darkside” in Latin.
  • Diamond x The Hundreds: Forever Summer (Holiday 2011)

    Consider this their definition of a Hawaiian shirt. This extremely ironic and limited Holiday release included shirts, pants, hats, duffel bags and accessories all designed with the beach in mind.
  • Alien Workshop x Paul Smith (Holiday 2011)

    If you're like me, you may be asking yourself, "Who the fuck is Paul Smith and why did AWS make a skateboard with him?" Well far as your and I are concerned he's a British fashion designer and menswear icon. The multi-stripe design is his signature look and he puts it on everything so why not a skateboard?
  • HUF x Haze: Capsule Collection (Holiday 2011)

    HUF reached out to NYC Graffiti artist Eric Haze for this series. Haze was known in the 70's for one of the most iconic tags in the city. He evolved over the decades into a world renowned street artist and clothing designer. There are many similarities in the clean styles of both HUF and Haze that a collaboration only seems natural, if not downright necessary.
  • Vans x WTaps: Burgundy Bones Pack (Holiday 2011)

    Just in time for the holidays... BECAUSE I NEED THEM IN BURGUNDY TOO MOM, THAT'S WHY!!!!!!!
  • With 2012 came the debut of Honey Boo Boo Child. Given this example, it's safe to say there were far worse artistic efforts put forth, so feel good knowing that the collaborations on the 2012 list won't be a complete waste of your time.

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