When Skate Brands Collide - 2009

on Saturday, 31 August 2013.

Here's a math problem for you... Two skate brands are on the same track heading towards each other at high speed. If one brand is traveling at 105mph and the other is traveling at 115mph how fucking awesome will their product line be when they collide? 

Questions such as this have plagued scholars for decades and although we don't have the answer, our belief is you can always look to the past to predict the future. So join us as we journey back in time for answers and review some of the best skate brand collaborations to date.

2009 Collaborations

  • Lakai x Crailtap.com: Howard Select Mid (Spring 2009) You might wonder how a website gets it's own shoe. Well in the case of Rick Howard, when you own both the shoe company AND the website it gets to be much less complicated.
  • Supra x Deathwish x Erik Ellington (Spring 2009)

    Supra and Deathwish put together this collection for Erik Ellington as a contest giveaway with enough black and yellow to satisfy Wiz Khalifa and Pittsburgh Steelers fans alike.
  • Vans x Anti Hero: TNT 2 Green/White (Spring 2009) The team released a Low Yellow/Brown model at the same time; sometimes I can't decide and just wear one of each.
  • Nike SB x Supreme: Bruin (Summer 2009) The back heel of the shoe is the best part... The gold and red makes me want to throw on my gold rope and a Kanga.
  • Supra x Deathwish (Fall 2009) This is probably my favorite collection by Supra x Deathwish... I mean who doesn't look good in black, red and white? I love to wear all my gear and watch "Baker Has a Deathwish" on repeat. It's like I'm right there on the airplane with Antwuan!
  • Diamond x The Hundreds: All-Star Champs (Fall 2009)

    Being that these two are LA neighbors it only makes sense for them to team up more often. Not sure what the baseball theme is all about but Diamond x The Hundreds would make the best little league sponsors ever.
  • eS x Krooked: Square One (Holiday 2009)

    The red Van Wastell tributes are pretty sweet, but the Krooked Eyes on these blue ones let you keep watch on all the jealous haters after your fly Bobby Worrest kicks.
  • When trying to decide how to best describe what awaits you next in 2010 I thought it best to quote "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"

    "Everything is different, but the same... things are more moderner than before... bigger, and yet smaller... it's computers... San Dimas High School football rules!" -Ox

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