When Skate Brands Collide - 2008

on Saturday, 31 August 2013.

Here's a math problem for you... Two skate brands are on the same track heading towards each other at high speed. If one brand is traveling at 105mph and the other is traveling at 115mph how fucking awesome will their product line be when they collide? 

Questions such as this have plagued scholars for decades and although we don't have the answer, our belief is you can always look to the past to predict the future. So join us as we journey back in time for answers and review some of the best skate brand collaborations to date.

2008 Collaborations

  • eS x The Hundreds x Livestock: Border Control Pack (Summer 2008)

    This was a highly ambitious collaboration for eS; releasing a teal version with Livestock AND a black version with The Hundreds at the same time. This set was limited to only 500 so if you got a pair of the teal make sure you keep that velcro strap nice and crisp!
  • eS x Krooked x Bobby Worrest (Summer 2008)

    I could sit here and type to you about the finer points of craftsmanship behind the intricate detail of the aglet's for this shoe release... But who gives a shit? Let's watch Bobby skate in them! Go Bobby Go!
  • eS x Chocolate x Justin Eldridge x Evan Hecox: Theory 1.5 (Holiday 2008) eS and Justin Eldridge got together with San Francisco artist Evan Hecox to release a "Chocolate" version of his Theory model... Hence Theory 1.5.
  • eS x Habitat (Holiday 2008)

    Yes, yes, another eS collaboration... This time with Habitat Skateboards; Danny Garcia, Silas Baxter-Neal and Raymond Molinar each got to design their own shoe for this series. It's hard to believe such a hard working company like eS has gone the way of the buffalo. We like the earth tones.
  • Vans x W)Taps: No Guts No Glory (Holiday 2008)

    And of course what annual line of collaborations would be complete without a Vans x WTaps collabo. The print reads "NoGutsNoGloryNoGutsNoGloryNoGutsNoGloryNoGutsNoGloryNoGutsNoGlory" with another print over it that reads "BonesBonesBonesBonesBonesBonesBonesBonesBones".
  • 2009 was the Year of the Deathwish; Click on Jim Greco's bellybutton to find out why!

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