What Happens When Skate Brands Collide?

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Here's a math problem for you... Two skate brands are on the same track heading towards each other at high speed. If one brand is traveling at 105mph and the other is traveling at 115mph how fucking awesome will their product line be when they collide? 

Questions such as this have plagued scholars for decades and although we don't have the answer, our belief is you can always look to the past to predict the future. So join us as we journey back in time for answers and review some of the best skate brand collaborations to date.

2007 Collaborations

  • HUF x Stussy x Triumph (Holiday 2006)

    What better way to start than with a HUF Collaboration. When Nike SB released these Goodfellas High & Low Dunks back in 2006 HUF, Stussy and Triumph got together to hold a release party and gave away this special event tee at the door. Our favorite part of this shirt is the very understated Stussy SF logo redesign seen above; Word is this collaboration is now online too! (I know technically this is 06' not 07' but shut up, write your own article!)
  • HUF x Stussy: Original Release (Summer 2007)

    As you may already be able to tell, HUF works a lot with Stussy. This line in particular we are most appreciative of, mainly for the inclusion of a skate deck.
  • Vans x WTaps: All Black Pack (Fall 2007)

    WTaps philosophy to design is, "Placing things where the should be...", as in placing their shoes on your feet. Vans and WTaps have worked together on several shoe lines, we just happen to like this Bones All Black Pack the most. Don't you?
  • Vans x WTaps: Devil Pack (Holiday 2007)

    Ok... The Devil Pack is pretty awesome too.
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