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This past weekend Deadbeat Club hosted the first night of a month long exhibit at Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose, CA. Now you may be asking yourself, "Why would SkateMore do an article on this bunch? What the fuck do they have to do with skating???" Well not much really, but when you consider that two members are none other than Ed & Deanna Templeton, you start to better understand our motivation in attending.

Plus who doesn't like a bunch of rad photos from people that actually know what they're doing behind the lens? (We handpicked a few favorites and you might even recognize a pro skater or two)

Scroll on to experience Deadbeat Club in all its photogenic glory!

The Loyal Pawns were already gathered by the time we arrived.

Enter if you dare...

Where do we begin?

Grant Hatfield Photos

The look on this kids face is priceless.

She's trying hard not to notice.

Clint Woodside Photos

How Enchanting!

Devin Briggs Photos

Mother & Daughter?

Hey hey hey hey...

Brand Loyalty.

Deanna Templeton Photos

Redneck Beach Party.

Looks like she teleported 40 years in the future and 5 feet to the left.


Nolan Hall | Vacation Jumpers

Ed Templeton Photos

Erik Ellington | Netherlands 2002

Ed Templeton with broken neck & leg bruise | Amsterdam 2000 | Shot by Deanna Templeton

Elissa Steamer Gambles | USA 1998

Above: Josh Harmony vs Russian Police | St. Petersburg Russia 2008

Below: Josh & Jesse play light swords | Tucson, AZ 2005

Geoff Rowley chopping board | 2002

Arto & Mimi | Los Angeles 2010

Jim Greco | Huntington Beach 1998

Jim Greco with bra | Huntington Beach 1996

Arto & Mimi | Los Angeles 2010

Until next time!!!

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