The Zack Wallin Interview

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Zack Wallin has had quite a year. From his streetwide kickflip gracing the cover of Transworld to his nollie backside 180 down the Wallenberg set to his pro announcement for enjoi it seems there's simply no stopping Old Man Zack these days. We caught up with him shortly after the San Jose premier of OverVert to talk spots, injuries, living the pro life, wood work, favorite things and more. 

This is The Zack Wallin Interview

Zack Wallin... Not just a pretty face | Photo: Dave Chami

Tell us about your experience at the San Jose enjoi premiere. Do you consider that to be a defining moment for you?

It was rad. We had a huge LA preimiere for Oververt before the San Jose one so I feel like that was more the defining moment for all of us in the video. The San Jose was more for all the homies that couldn’t make it out to LA for the 1st premiere of the video. I kinda liked it more than the LA one just cause all the homies were there having a good time

Are you still at The Mansion with everyone? What’s the best / worst thing about having Louie for a roommate?

Still at the mansion. Been holding it down for years there! The best thing is louie is a very good friend of mine and the worst thing about living with him is he is the brand manager at Enjoi so that makes him my boss.

When did Louie shave his head? Is it the official end of an era?

O he didn't shave it man. He has been the last 10 years of his life. Just rocking that wig.

Tell us about your experience filming OverVert. How many places did you travel to? How long did it take you to film your part?

The experiences were the best. Nothing better than traveling the world doing what you love with your best friends. And on top of that all the dudes on the team have they’re own strong personalities so there is always something out of the normal going on. We traveled to China twice and Spain once. I filmed for the video for about a year and a half.

What took longest to get or what were you most hyped on landing?

Probably that kickflip on the street gap. 8 trips to get it than a hill bomb right after landing it.

How long were you out at Wallenberg filming before you got the pro board announcement? What’s the story there? What did you do for the rest of the day?

I went twice to Wallenberg while filming for Oververt. The 1st time I skated it until I physically couldn’t do it anymore & the 2nd time I think I jumped down it 10-15 times and rolled away. Then they surprised me with Louie running up with the Pro board. I had no clue what was happening. Afterwards I was pretty star struck. I didn’t really know how to take it all in. I was so hyped I filmed my last trick 3 days before the deadline than also got a pro board to come along with it 5 seconds after. I just celebrated and drank with my buddies the rest of the day.

 Click to watch Zack's battle for the Nollie BS 180 at Wallenberg

Whose part other than your own were you most stoked on? 

Probably Nestor or Raemers. Those two dudes parts stood out so much to me.

Your style is pretty balls to the wall… Are there any skaters that most influenced your style growing up?

John Cardiel, Cairo Foster, Heath Kirchart

Seems like everyone got broke off filming, what was your worst injury?

I tore a tendon in my left foot from a bail I took on King Of The Road. It took me out for about 5 months.

And no more blood clots? Can injuring yourself lead to future blood clots?

Naw bails can’t lead to future clotting that I had. It wasn't really related to injuries. It doesn't really freak me out now cause usually when clotting reoccurs it happens with in a year or so in my particular issue. During that 1st year though I had some serious freak outs about me clotting again and giving my self blood thinners just incase I was clotting. I even left on a trip early once.

How did you first get on enjoi? Like aside from just seeing the team around town, how did you prove your worth to them?

I guess it would be my 1st trip to Spain. It was a Tilt Mode trip so a lot of the Enjoi dudes were on the trip. I was so hyped to skate out of the country I think I was just naturally progressing skating wise on that trip and it just happened to be around the right people at the time. Shortly after the trip I some how ended up switching from Deluxe flow to Enjoi flow.

And how long were you on the team as an AM before going pro?

I would say about 2 and a half years.

 Click to watch TWS "Behind The Cover" with Zack Wallin's street wide kickflip

Do you think it’s more challenging to make a name for yourself now than for previous generations?

I think skill wise yes but now people have certain ways to reach out to all the skate brands like Instagram & Facebook which surprisingly can make it easier to get recognized.

Any significant changes to your life now that you’re pro? Pay raise? More booty?

I think it’s a little to early to tell the changes career wise but it is funny how a little small title change can make random kids care a whole lot more.

Think you’ll ever hit up the contest circuit?

Probably not. I never really grew up skating wanting to go down that path.

Do you have any interests outside of skating?

A little woodworking here and there. Nothing too serious though.

What sort of wood working do you do? Louie has mentioned he does wood working too, is that something you picked up from him or from your old construction days? Does The Mansion have a wood shop?

Nothing too serious. Just small furniture stuff like coffee tables or doors for cabinets. Than just random stuff like a picture frame or a shelf out of an old board or something like that.  Louie did not get me into. I use to be a carpenter and I just grew into it. That is for sure one of the reason Louie & I are good friends though. It's just one more thing we have in common. The Mansion just has a standard garage with some tools in it. It's nothing to special but for sure does the job.

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How’d you get the name Old Man Zack?

I hurt my ankle in high school and was rocking a cane hanging out with some friends until I got some crutches. After that the name just stuck.

Got any good Jimmy Carlin stories?

There are way too many to count. How about when he hooked up with the Café owner in China?

Ha what??? How did that happen???

Fuck dude! I don't know if I wanna throw Big Jim under the bus with that story.

Favorite enjoi ad?

MJ’s free style ad back in the day.

Favorite OG enjoi rider?

Probably Marc Johnson

Favorite SJ spot?

Right now Caeser Chavez.

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Do you think Chris Cole would ever come back?

Hahaaa doubt it.

What’s one thing everyone should do if they visit San Jose?

Skating wise?... Shred Red Park!

Now that the video has dropped do you get to take a little time off and vacation or are you still working on other parts?

After the dead line I just kept it going but I recently hurt my foot pretty serious so I won’t be skating for about 3 months so I guess it is mandatory vacation now.

What’re you going to do now that you’ve finished all these damn questions?

Going to take my dog Rufus for a long walk. He has been trapped in the house for a while.

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