The Tristan Funkhouser Interview

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Tristan Funkhouser aka T-Funk aka Baker's 3rd Generation is one of the gnarliest new AMs out there and he's been getting a TON of coverage lately. He first released a teaser trailer full of bails so y'all know he's put in work. Then on October 18th, The Skateboard Mag released a full-part for T-Funk, making it clear this kid is not going the way of Knox Godoy.

A few days after the full-part we were graced with T-Funk's presence at the #FTCForTheCash3 competition in San Francisco. He took 2nd place overall. In true SkateMore fashion, we got all up in his grill looking for an interview. After confirming the cell number he gave us was not in fact 1800-FUCKOFF, we convinced this highly sought after skater to answer a few questions.

Shout out once again to The Boss for staying ever vigilant in his skate park quest to bring us this impressive 3rd Generation of Baker. This is "The Tristan Funkhouser Interview".

First Watch The Trailer

Then Watch The Full Part

Now Meet The One They Call "T-FUNK "

Who the hell are you and where did you come from?

Haha I'm Tristan Funkhouser! Shit dude the stork just dropped me off at my house... Jus kiddin' I'm from Woodland Hills, CA

How old are you?

Im 16, G

How long have you been skating?

Roughly 8 years...

Do you remember your first board?

I think it was either an Airwalk Target board or a Mongoose or something haha

First skate video?

It had to be one of those 411's

How did you start riding for Baker?

I was just skating at this park in North Hollywood all the time and The Boss would skate there a lot too, then one day he asked me if I was getting boards from anyone.

How long have you been riding for them now?

I'd say I've been getting boards for almost 2 years.

T-Funk after a fresh win at #FTCForTheCash3

"...Imma ask Santa for a BIG BOOTY HOE!!!"

Who else are you sponsored by?

I ride for DC shoes, Val Surf Board Shop, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks & SHAKE JUNT!

Do you blaze? Kinda mandatory on Baker right?

Imma plead the 5th, haha some of the Bakers dont bake g

Smart lad... Do you still go to school?

Yeah I go to school :/

Does The Boss ever help with your homework?

Nah I'd probably get better grades if he did

Who do you ride with the most?

The Baker crew for sure

Tristan "T-Funk" Funkhouser | Repping Shake Junt!

What’s your go-to trick?


What tricks are you “working on”?

SSSSSSHHHHHHH... You'll know later...

Tell us about your Baker full-part, how long did that take to film?

Ahhhh it took me a year and a half to film that part

What took longest to land? Anything you’re most proud of?

I think that wallride was my favorite, it took a while

Who ollied over you in the trailer?

CJ ollied. (Cyril Jackson)

You tore shit up at FTC3, placing 2nd overall, what did you think of the course?

Dude that course was sick, there was mad transition that shit is tight

Did any of that champagne actually make it down your throat? Evan (Smith) got you pretty drenched.

Yeah a little bit but more of that got in my eye, Evan just dumped the whole thing on my head haha

#FTCForTheCash3 Ollie Impossible Tailgrab | Photo by Dave Chami

"...Dude that course was sick, there was mad transition that shit is tight"

Do you plan to do more comps in the future?

Hell yeah dude I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing

What are you going to do with all that sweet money prize cake?

Put it in the bank to save up for a car son!

What are you asking Santa for X-Mas this year?

Imma ask Santa for a BIG BOOTY HOE!!!

What’s next on the T-Funk agenda for 2014?

I don't know man I'm just gonna let it ride!

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