The Thrasher Magazine 2013 SOTY Party

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This past weekend Thrasher Magazine held it's annual Skater of the Year party in where else? San Francisco. We came to the event, with no official contacts, no name on the guest list, just a glimmer of hope that we could crank our hustle up to 5000 and find a way in. Of course it wouldn't be the most important night of our young skate 'careers' if everything didn't go wrong all at once. We will save you the grief of listening to our behind-the-scenes woe and just preface the following article by saying some photos are better than NO photos.

So lower your expectations and get ready for some drunken, blurry fun... This is The Thrasher Magazine 2013 SOTY Party.

Enter if you dare...

...Your Black SOTY Ishod Wair weclomes you!

You know it's a Thrasher Party when there's a coat check full of skateboards!

Can I get a double Jameson on the rocks? Hello? Fuck, should've brought my own...

Alright, finally liquored up, let's see who's here!

Gotta say what's up to Gary Rogers, we probably wouldn't be in here if not for him...

Chill out and watch some skate vids with him for a minute.

Oh hey that dude on the right looks kinda familiar, wish my god damn flash would work!!!

Ah ok there it goes... Hey it's Justin Brock! (Sorry for temporarily blinding you)

Mike Carroll, Sam Smyth & Friends... They're probably so sick of these damn SkateMore photos by now (thanks guys!)

Ed Duff... Cold War Is Here.


Holy Shit it's Geoff Rowley!

And there's Lannie Rhoades with some fine ass Monster Girls... Check out his new SkateMore interview!

Ok let's get another Jameson and keep shmoozing...

The Smoking Section... How could you tell?

Quick keef sesh with our EMB OG homegirl Oh Boo!

Rockin' that new Trash Life swag

SOTY is the kind of place you turn around and there is Dennis Motherfucking Busenitz standing next to you... WTF?!?

Alright enough second hand smoke... Let's find out who's posted upstairs!

Jack Curtin & Jamie Hustle talkin' some Bay Area shit

Weekend Buzz's Erica Yary and some other cute chick (heyyyyyyyy)

High School pals... Omar Salazar & Anonymous

Then GHOUL started playing and all hell broke loose!!!!!!!!

That's about when we spotted The Nuge! But who is that dude he's so happy to see???

...oh it's just skate legend JULIEN STRANGER!!!!!!!!!! Uh, I mean, oh cool, no big deal...

The one and only Dustin Dollin, so stoked to meet this dude.

Then we begged for another photo opp... Shameless.

We had this great shot of Mike Carroll flipping us off while talking to Julien Stranger but some fucking prick felt like being an asshole and kept putting his hand in front of the camera...

But eat a dick motherfucker we got one anyway!!! HATERS.

Then we spotted the VIP section...

...and took the most miserably awful photo of Ishod Wair. Stupid shit flash piece of shit god damn it!!!

But then we calmed down when this shot of Sally Vitello & Ishod came out perfect.

We even saw Phelpers lurking about... We hear good things.

Bones Bearing TM Vern Laird is literally EVERYWHERE! We're convinced he has a Doppelganger.

Suddenly without warning Phelps magically appeared on stage... SOTY Trophy in hand.

We watched history unfold before us as he presented Ishod Wair his 2013 SOTY Trophy.

..and there was much rejoicing by all! | Photo jacked from Tony Vitello Instagram

Ishod then took his trophy, dropped the mic like a straight G and bounced!

Until next year Thrasher... Thanks for the hospitality!!!

We'd like to personally thank Gary Rogers for being a straight fucking G, letting us kick it with some Thrasher Boyz and helping with that solid introduction to Sally Vitello (awesome meeting you Sally!)

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