The Screaming Hand Art Show

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Created in 1985 by illustrator Jim Phillips, the Screaming Hand served as an overall brand image for the entire Speed Wheels line, which included Slimeballs, Bullets and OJs. With a blood-stained, compoud fracture, flapping tendons and misplaced mouth piece, this aggro amputee became one of the most recognizable skate logos of all time.

This is The Screaming Hand Art Show


Fashionably late...

Empire Seven Studios

Screaming Hand in a sea of people... Let's do this!


Wouldn't be a skate event without Pabst

Learned tonight that Santa Cruz has it's own wine... Can't say we're surprised.

This jazz duo is really setting the mood

When marketing jumps the shark...

Art time!!! (We apologize in advance as we don't know all of the artists.)

Opski | "Blue Faces" | 17.5 x 21.5

Frances Marin | Goache on paper | 17"x21"

Jesico | Hanndya | 17.5" x 21"

Jesico | Hanndya | 17.5" x 21"

Neto Soza | "Claws RIP" | 11" x 7"

Mark Heredia | Meditate & Destroy | 15" x 19.5"

Sam Davidson | "Screaming Hand Paste Up" | 16" x 22"

Tyson Johnston | "Full Moon Fever" | 18" x 24"

Harv | "Childhood" | 22" x 26"

Meet The Cannons

Andy Pitts | "Everything Was Broken & Everything Didn't Hurt | 15" x 19.5"

Colin Frangicetto | "Back To The Wharf" | 30" x 30"

 Tim Diet | "Untitled"

Jeff Meadows | Untitled

Israel Forbes | Untitled

Unknown | Untitled

Amanda Fox | This has a name but I don't know what it is

Iajujnat | "Hello Mr. Hand"

Iajujnat | "Aloha Mr. Hand"

Mesngr | "Screaming 4 Life" | 30" x 30"

Lou Barberio | "Dr. Baxter"

John Barrick | Untitled

Blake Brand | "Cheap Thrills"

Jessica Eastburn | "Looky Looky"

Andres Guerrero | "Recuerdos"

Drew Roulette | "Melts In Your Mind, Not In Your Screaming Hand"


Kyle Pellet | "West Coast Cretin Association Welcoming Committee (Front Lobby)"

Kool Kid Kreyola | "Da Scream"

Eric Kneeland | 5 color hand-pulled Serigraph | 18" x 24"

Nancy Ahn | "Thorny"

Ryudaibori | Untitled

Tosh Woods

NNo clue who made this...

But any art made from beer cans is awesome!

Steve Caballero | Acrylic On Panel

Michael Sieben | Ink On Paper

Steven Olson | "Silence Is Golden"

Mark Widmann | "Cut Rob Roskopp 1" | 21" x 16"

Andy Jenkins | Ink On Paper

Jason C. Arnold | Oil On Canvas

Keith Haupt | Lettering Enamel On Steel | 12" x 24"

BB Bastidas | Mixed Media On Canvas | 36" x 36"

Nicky Gaston | Wood Burn | 16" x 34"

Sean Mother Fucking Cliver

Tyler Moon Emanuel | Acrylic On Panel | 25" x 37"

Bigfoot | Acrylic And Ink On Panel | 10" x 30"

Andrei Bouzikov | Mixed Media On Panel | 12" x 12"

FOS | Ink On Paper

Lucas Musgrave | Mixed Media On Paper

John Munnerlyn | "Hand Of Glory" | 29" x 27"

Mouse | Spray Paint And House Paint On Canvas

Jeremy Fish | Acrylic On Canvas

OG Mike Giant | Ink On Paper

Keith Meek | Laser Engraving On Wood

Jeral Tidwell | Acrylic On Wood, Mounted On Metal"

PitchGrim | Ink On Paper

Natas Kaupas | Acrylic On Paper

Justin Forbes | Oil On Canvas

Thomas Campbell | Acrylic On Wood

Ken Davis | Lettering Enamel On Glass

Paul Imagine | Mixed Media On Paper

Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips | Acrylic On Canvas

Jimbo Phillips | Acrylic On Canvas

Colby Phillips | Acrylic On Canvas

Jason Jessee, Jose Rojo and Schmitty enjoying the luxuries of the skate industry


Jason Jessee | "Make Banana Cry"

Todd Bratrud | Acrylic On Black Canvas

Crab Scrambly | Acrylic On Panel

Makoto Yamaki | Indigo Ink On Cotton

Skinner | Mixed Media On Panel

Ben Horton | "Now Trending..."

Aye Jay | Ink On Paper

Benny Gold | Screenprint On Paper

Eric Dressen | Ink / Pencil On Paper

Ben Raney | Spray Paint On Panel

Judi Oyama | Acrylic On Canvas

John Lucero | Acrylic On Skateboard

Dirty Donnie | Mixed Media On Wood

No clue...

Abel Gonzalez | Wood Sculpture

Jay222 | "Specimen 9"

Richard "French" Sayer | Ink On Paper

Brian Romero | Ink On Bristol Board

Jason Adams | Spray Paint On Panel

New layer...
New layer...
New layer...

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