The Richard Jefferson Interview

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As a San Francisco native and LA-transplant, Richard Jefferson has been destroying spots up and down the west coast for over 15 years now. He's put blood, sweat and tears into the skate life and knows what it takes to survive in such a cut throat industry.

We recently caught up with Richard to find out where he's been skating, what he's working on and to learn how we too can become certified heelflip masters.

This is The Richard Jefferson Interview

Where are you living these days?

Orange County.

What are some of your favorite spots out there?

All the school yards are amazing out here. They have the perfect picnic tables. Also, love shredding Stoner Plaza. Shout out to the Stoner locs, that place is so much fun.

How long have you been skating now?

About 15 years.

Any secrets to mastering heelflips?

Yeah, put your front foot on the center of your board, look at your front wheels If you're goofy look at the front left wheels and kick your foot towards those and I'm almost 100% sure you'll ride away. Shout out to everyone out there that loves heel flips!

When did you first get hooked up with FTC? Was that your first sponsor?

When I first started out FTC was always the shop that supported me and always looked out for me and the homies. Shout out to Kent, Ando and the rest of the FTC fam for holding me down. No, FTC wasn't my first sponsor. Think Skateboards and Venture trucks the first ones to look out for me. Shout out to Greg Carroll for looking out.

Who else are you riding for?

Right now I am riding for Theeve Trucks, FTC, Stelth Headwear, Vox Footwear, Diamond Supply, Grizzly Griptape, FKD Bearings, new board and clothing sponsor coming soon.

What took longest to get for your SF State of Mind part?

Heelflip frontside nose blunt slide.

Click the image to watch Richard Jefferson in FTC's "SF State of Mind"

What made you to decide to move from SF?

I decided to move from SF because I needed a change away from home for once. Also, wanted to pursue my skateboarding career in Southern California where it thrives at.

First big thing to happen to me was getting a call from Adeymi Huston when Nyjah and Adeymi decided to start I&I Skateboards and was asked to be a part of it. That was a blessing to be a part of I&I because I was constantly surrounded by some of the best talent. It pushed me to bigger heights. Shout out to the Huston family!

Were you around for the EMB era or was that before your time?

That was before my time but shout out to all the EMB legends out there, you know who you are. I was a part of the Pier 7 era. Man those were some of the best days of my life.

What is more sketchy Tenderloin or Skid Row?

Honestly, they're both really sketchy. LOL but I've seen some craziness in the Tenderloin. Don't just stroll through there after dark.

What city have you not been to that you’d like to skate?

I would love to go to Shanghai, China. I would like to check that one off for sure.

How did you get connected with Theeve? Are you working on anything with them?

I got connected with Theeve through my guy over at Vox/Stelth Headwear, Rod James. He gave me a pair of trucks to try and introduced me to Trevor and Steve over at Theeve. They are the owners. The trucks are so good. I'm currently working on a commercial that will be out really soon, so stay tuned.

What are some of your go to tricks?

I love heel flipping in to every trick and nollie inward heels make me feel some type of way.

Best advice you ever got about skating?

Never stop having fun with it. Don't put a girl before your skating and keep pushing when it gets rough.

Favorite skate video?

My favorite skate vid is Trilogy.

Favorite SF skater?

The McBride brothers.

Best thing about LA?

Best thing about LA perfect weather, amazing skate spots, the beaches and the traffic lol

Worst thing about LA?

Worst thing about LA is the 4 or 5 hours on the 405 freeway lol

Words to live by?

What's meant to be will be, keep pushing, YOLO, put your trust in God and He'll give you the desires of your heart. God bless skateboarding.

Goals for 2014?

Take off every limit, skate more, travel and don't take life so serious because life's a beach playing in the sand.

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