The Mouse Bastidas Interview

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Mouse Bastidas is the creative force behind an ever growing collection of grip tape graphics and has quickly become the artist of choice for skaters all over the world. As an Oceanside, CA native, he's grown up within a heavy skate scene that has supported his growth as an artisit and helped nurture his passion into a full-fledged career.

We're grateful he took the time to answer some questions, though his message has already been made clear: Paint. Skate. Dominate.

This is The Mouse Bastidas Interview

Congrats on your new warehouse, where were you working out of before? How does the new space benefit your operation?

I was working in my garage. The new spot allows me to produce art and grip much faster.

How many sheets of grip would you say are produced in a day? In a month?

Maybe like 200 sheets a day, so do the math… More than 3000 sheets per month for sure. It’s been like that for a while.

What’s a typical day in the life for you? Do you have fairly “normal” business hours?

Wake up around 9 and start painting / working until 5ish, then skate (maybe) and go home and sleep.

How long have you and your girlfriend been together for now?

We’ve been together for 8 years now and running the company together.

Tell us about this house you and BB were living in when you started painting? Who else lived there? Any skaters we’d know?

The house is called NS Mansion. Mad fools ran through there like Colin Provost, Jon Dickson, Baca, Slash, Nuge… Too many to name. Pretty much all the skaters that matter in the industry.

What first gave you the idea to start your own grip company?

I always painted on grip so it was only natural.

At what point did you realize art was something you could actually do for a living?

When it made enough money to stop working! I used to work for Brixton but then I quit when I started spraying grip for BlackBox. I couldn’t work two jobs. It was about that time.

Click to watch Mouse talk about the process behind creating his graphics!

You used to work for Brixton?

Yea I used to work for a bunch of skate warehouses, like six or seven… I worked at Kayo, Brixton, DC, Adio, Syndrome, BlackBox, some others.

What is the strangest request you’ve had to paint something?

I painted a big boat once… Cars… People…

What’s up with the Bohemian Eye?

It’s BB’s graphic I stenciled representing the truth.

What’s your favorite color?

Flourescent green.

Do you have any favorite artists?

My brother BB, Kris Markovich and Ron English.

Do you ever paint in mediums other than spray paint and stencils?

I like to use house paint, paint pens, markers and whatever. I just love spraypaint!

Any other interests outside of art and skating?

Ya a couple of things: My girlfriend, my dog and NS Krue.

Have you lived in Oceanside your entire life? What’s one thing you suggest everyone do when they visit?

Yes, best city. Skate the parks for sure… Prince Park, Bishop Park and MLK Park.

Click to watch NS Krue Volume 1

Is the skate scene there super close knit or what? We get the impression the entire city is one giant skate crew.

The skate scene in Oceanside is live! Mad kids and adults skate all day here. NS is active here.

Who is the best skater in O-Side?


Tell us about NS Krue, who’s a part of it? What does NS stand for?

NS stands for “No Standards”. Started it in 2001 with my brother and some homies. It means just do you with a Krue to back your journey and fuck everyone that gets in your way.

Is it safe to assume you’re also an honorary Shep Dawg?

I’m from NS Krue, we’re older than them.

What’s Knox Godoy up to these days?

Not sure.

What kind of set up do you ride?

8.5, right now I’m riding a Creature. I ride 159 Indys, 55 OJ’s, and I think I’m riding Indy bearings, some random hardware… and Mob Grip with my graphics.

Street or transition?


Go To Trick?

Frontside Flip.

Yea you’ve got those on lock!

I do ten of them like every time I skate, they’re just fun. Also frontside ollies, backside ollies, kickflips… And powersliding. I’ve been powersliding big wheels since I was like 3!

Click to watch a short documentary on Mouse Bastidas by Alex Heskett

How long have you been growing your dreads now?

Fuckin’ 10 years I think. This is the second time now. I shaved my head once before.

What made you decide to do that?

Cuz I was over it. And then I was like fuck it I guess I’ll grow ‘em back haha.

Got any good tips for proper dread maintenance?

Don’t do anything.

Indica or Sativa?

Both, I guess... Whatever my drug dealer has haha.

Favorite Ramones song?

I like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Favorite Skate Video?

Welcome To Hell.

Favorite Mouse Grip graphic?

Umm… Damn it that’s a hard question. I guess the BB eye, let’s go with that.

Alright, what’re you going to do now that you’ve finished all these damn questions?

I gotta go get my girlfriend food.

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