The LRG 1947 Interview

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After more than 4 years of filming, LRG's long anticipated second full-length video "1947" is finally here! With the pressure off, director Kyle Camarillo was able to sit down and answer some questions about the filming process and what has led to a finished masterpiece.

This is The LRG 1947 Interview

What’s the significance of the title “1947”?

Jonas Bevacqua, the co-creator of LRG has been mixing in "47" and ""1947" in the brands design since day 1. It was an homage to his mother who he credited much of LRG's fruition. To LRG it also has a meaning of family and being part of something that is larger than oneself.

What about the soundtrack? Do you let the skaters pick their songs or where do you turn to for musical inspiration?

I had the skaters give me examples of stuff they wanted and I went from there. Tyrone Romero (LRG team manager) has a pretty extensive knowledge of awesome music so he sent in a bunch of songs too. Both Ty and I pretty much showed the skaters songs that we felt fit their musical taste as well as fit their skating. Once I found what I wanted it was pretty easy to get the go ahead from the guys. The sound track is great. It's really diverse and I'm super happy with it.

Once filming is complete how many hours would you say are spent cutting / editing until you get a finished product you’re happy with?

It's taken me a little over a month to finish editing. And a lot of that's like 12-14 hour days.

Do you edit lying in bed like Bill Stroebeck?

Ha! Nope. I didn't know that one.

Miles Silvas | Nollie Flip in Tokyo, Japan

Do you have complete creative control on the video? Has that changed at all for you since the last one?

Well I wouldn't say "complete", but pretty close. But mainly because LRG trusts me with my direction and that they know it will be a good representation of them. But as far as "give me my money Chico" that video was Anthony Claravall's video. I edited it since he didn't have that much editing experience yet. But that whole concept and direction was all Anthony.

Did you set out with any specific goals in mind for this piece?

I had some ideas of how I wanted it to look and feel. I don't know if I really accomplished that in the end. But I am happy with how it turned out. Video projects are so long, this one taking 4 years, that plans always change throughout the process.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about the video that they wouldn’t know from watching?

That Tom Asta and Carlos Ribera had enough footage for two parts. And Trent McClung had enough for three.

How many places did you travel for footage? Anywhere completely new? Did any one place come to be your favorite city?

We made it to most of the U.S., Europe, Taiwan, Tokyo, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cyprus, and maybe a few more I'm forgetting. It was my second time back to Japan. That's probably my favorite. That place just rules in all ways.

Tom Asta | Back Smith BS 180 in Fresno, CA

How long have you been filming with these guys now? What’s the relationship like?

Depends. Some more than others, but I've been with LRG for I think 6 years now. It's great! I couldn't ask for a radder crew! Everyone is so stoked to travel and skate together. We definitely roll hard.

How do the different skaters on the team differ on their approach to filming?

I'd say it's generally the same. Tommy stands out as someone that will practically jump out of a moving car if he sees a spot he wants to skate. Trent is a really harsh critic about his own skating. He's usually second guessing a clip and does it a few times.

What’s your take on releasing a DVD or online video nowadays?

I don't know. It's a tough one. I think we all know that web videos seem to die really quickly. But people don't buy DVDs either. So it's tough. But I buy most videos that come out because I care about them and they are inspiring. Hopefully people care about this one.

What trick do you think took longest to get overall?

Probably Carlos' ender. He has been trying it on and off for like a year. I was so stoked for him when he got it. I don't think he even believed that he rolled away.

Tommy Sandoval | Kickflip into the bank in Fresno, CA

What tricks stand out to you as most gnarly?

Well you'll have to wait for the video for that one. But there are some heavy ones. Trent's ender is pretty mind boggling. Miles has some serious hammers as you've probably seen from the magazine coverage. I don't know. Everyone has something. The skating in the video is amazing.

Worst injuries sustained while filming?

Easily Chico blowing out his knee in Taiwan. It was scary and I was super worried for him. But it all worked out. Now he's stronger than ever! It's crazy how he came back so strong.

Is it always a gamble getting injured in foreign countries?

Absolutely, but it's more cause of insurance and medical bills. Most places we've gone have pretty great health care. Chico's ambulance ride, X-Rays, medication etc. only cost $35.

Felipe Gustavo | Nollieflip Crook in Tokyo, Japan

What’s next in the pipe for you now that it’s a wrap?

Doing some traveling for premieres and then taking a vacation!

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