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One word comes to mind when we think of Hoffart - Burly. Between the gnarliest front tailslide ever, this recent beast of a back board, and a handful of damn heavy but somehow overlooked video parts, Hoffart has established himself as someone who takes his diverse bag of tricks to levels that few other people do. Hoffart's trick selection is top notch too, and his bag runs deep. Who else seems as comfortable hucking a laser flip down a double set as they do nosepicking an extension? Plus, Hoffart the Person is top-notch. Accessible, personal, and now a family man, he's just like your friendly Canadian neighbor except better at life. Much better.

This is The Jordan Hoffart interview

What was your introduction to skateboarding?

My uncle used to be into freestyling when he lived with us as kids, so he showed me and my sister a few moves in my drive way. I thought it was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Favorite skate video?

XYZ Stars and Bars. Not sure if it's my favorite, but it was the first video I had as a kid, so I watched it religiously. That and the Airwalk 95 promo video. Jason Lee was playing tennis to mitigate his elbow pain (it's a real thing) from skateboarding, I thought it was hilarious.

What was the turning point where you able to quit doing construction and focus solely on skateboarding?

I had a bunch of jobs after high school that paid the bills until I figured out what the hell I was gonna do with my life. I was skating but not as much as I should've been. I rode for Powell and they kind of called me out one day, "so do you want to do this for real, or what?" I was down to make a run at it, as I probably would always kick myself if I hadn't. They hooked me up with a working Visa, so I moved to California to give it a go. I guess it worked out.

What’s the story behind filming that line with the super long boardslide?

That's a new school in Carlsbad called Sage creek. It has these super rad ledges there that we were skating. On the way out one sesh my homie Georgie saw the long ledge and said, "you think that's do able?" I didnt know, but I thought about it that night and hit him up like, "lets try it." I bought 6 cans of clear coat, which wasn't even enough to get the ledge where it needed to be. After sliding the ledge a few times, we decided to try it in the line cause it would be unexpected. It's probably one of the few ideas I had that ever worked out as planned. I just remember having to do the line over and over because there was always one trick in the line I wasn't stoked on. That one was a life drainer forsure.

How long did that take?

I guess 2 days with all the prep and thinking about it.

Any word from Guiness yet if it’s an official world record?

Nah, I haven't really looked into it. I don't really care enough. I'm happy with just being able to do it.

 Click to watch Jordan Hoffart's Unofficial World Record Boardslide

What stands out to you as being one of the most challenging / life-threatening tricks for you to get?

There's 2 and they were both tailslides. Staples Center and Black Ice. I'd say Black Ice was the scariest trick I've ever done. It was really tall and mentally I wasn't ready to do it. I messed my ankle up pretty good and that injury has been plaguing me ever since. I'm stoked I rolled away, but at the same time, I should have practice it a bunch before the attempts. Young, dumb and ambitious tho.

Between Powell and Stereo was there any other team you almost wound up on?

I don't think so, I was getting Expedition/Organika boards for awhile because Rob Welsh and Karl Watson are G's. But that was just a homie hook up. I got a few offers from some other companies, but I wasn't in a rush to find a board sponsor. I wanted it to happen organically.

How did the opportunity with Stereo come about?

I was friends with Jason and Chris already. I had been talking to Chris about it briefly but the timing was way off. They were just splitting with Antics distribution and didn't really have a home for the brand yet. Chris felt it would be lame to promise me a contract and then not be able to deliver, which I respect. So we waited until they found a new home with Syndrome Distribution. This way we were able to create a proper introduction that wasn't rushed and everyone was comfortable. It worked out great. I love those dudes. I owe it to them to allow my skating to continue.

Does Jason Lee still skate?

Yeah, he stills rips. Style for days, it's actually pretty incredible.

When’s the last time you saw him on a board?

Live, about 4 months ago. But he was at Woodward with the crew in August ripping. I just wasn't there in person.

Favorite Jason Lee movie?

Mallrats. That movie was the truth for me for so many years.

Click to watch Stereophonic Sound Volume: 14 welcoming Jordan to the Stereo team

Favorite Quiznos sub?

They're all amazing, as long as its a large.

You’ve had your fair share of ups and downs in your career. What’s your overall impression of the skate industry right now?

The industry is rad, skateboarding doesn't owe me anything. I'm stoked I've been able to be a part of it for as long as I have. Skateboarding is as real as it gets for me. I love it more than anything. (family excluded).

What are some hard truths that you’ve come to realize?

We are just little ants in this universe.

Any advice for kids that want to go pro?

Make sure you're skating for the right reasons. Have fun, don't forget why you started. Skateboarding is to be enjoyed, not to stress over.

Click to watch Jordan Hoffart's two most life-threatening tailslides at Staples Center and Black Ice in Powell's "FUN"

How’s Dad life been treating you?

Awesome. He is so amazing.

What’s the hardest part about having a newborn in the house?

Sleeping. But other than that, it rules. I love my new baby boy.

How many days a year would you say are spent traveling?

About half.

Does the fam ever come with?

Nah, never actually. It's a bummer, but they don't like flying much. And the wifes got a full time job.

Click to watch Jordan Hoffart in "Jordan's Day Hoff"

Have you taken on any more movie / tv roles lately?

Not really, but I'm down. I was gonna hit up Jason to see if he had any small gigs I could get my feet wet with again. But I don't want to bug him about those kinds of things.

How much would they have to pay you to make a “Zolar” sequel?

Bring it, i'm cheaper than you'd think.

How many skate tattoos do you have now?

About 20 now, it's kind of just all attaching these days, so i guess 1?

Have you hit up Tuborg for a beer sponsorship yet?

Nah, Booze Bros for life. Those are my homies!!! @BoozeBros, follow them.

What Canadian stereotypes do you most embrace?

I guess I try to be polite. I'm not sure. Canadian chocolate bars are the best. Maple syrup is the truth as well.

What’s one thing everyone should do when they visit Vancouver?

Gotta hit up Whistler and rip the mountain. Just the drive up is epic in itself. Go explore the islands. Vancouver is a beautiful place. Plan enough time to go get lost in it. Also try to hit all the skate parks. I think we have one every 3 miles or something crazy. There are over 30 for sure.

Are you working on any new parts we should know about?

I'm working on a street part for The Berrics. No date set in stone, but hopefully Spring 2015!

Any last words?

Not yet, too young for that still.

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