The Jackson Pilz Interview

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Jackson Pilz has been on a proverbial tear lately with a part in Volcom's Holy Stokes video as well as officially joining enjoi's AM ranks with his very own ad on the back cover of Thrasher. We caught up with ol' Pilzy to talk road trips, benihanas, gender identity and more!

This is "The Jackson Pilz Interview"

Jackson Pilz | Smith Grind | Photo: @John.Note

So where in Australia are you from?

I'm from Coolum beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

You fuck with Vegemite?

I do, I fuck with it a lot. The best is Vegemite, avocado and tomato.

What can you tell us about your first trip to America? Any culture shock?

Not much, I was around 13 or something and just skated vert. I can barely remember it at all. All I can remember is I looked like a girl. One time in my home town I was skating and a girl from Gallaz came and asked me to skate for their all girl shoe brand.

How was the road trip with your girl? Where'd you go? Any lessons learned?

I picked her up in LA stayed there for a couple days then went to San Diego then Las Vegas then SF then drove down the 1 back to LA for the Holy Stokes premier. I learnt that she is even worse with hangovers then you could ever imagine.

What came first, the mullet or the mustache?

I guess the moustache was first. It's a dirty teenage scum stache but it's all I've got. The mullet was after 3 days down in Mexico and me, Collin, Red and AJ went to town on each other's hair.

How did you first get connected with enjoi?

My good friend Anthony Mapstone is the TM in Oz so when I was looking for boards he helped me out. Anyone that knows him knows he's the best. Both the Mapstone brothers have helped me out so much.

Were you team laison during the recent aussieaussieaussieenjoienjoienjoi tour?

I was not. I'd say I was a tag along haha.

Favorite enjoi ad?

The 2 dads one and your sister can hold her breath a long time. I've also always wanted the Festiva t-shirt because I myself am the proud owner and driver of a 1997 Ford Festiva.

How long before they made it official? Was your back cover for Thrasher a surprise for you?

I rode for enjoi for like 3 or 4 years in Oz, I just got officially on about 2 months ago. Well I knew we were planning on doing the ad but yeah it was a surprise just cause it came out so quickly after I got on.

Tell us about filming for Holy Stokes, anything in particular that you really had to battle with?

The kickflip over the fence was the main battle. Like an hour and a half jumping it and my board not making it over. Dane and Axel got the worst of it. They were on the bungee and were way more hurt after then I was.

Jackson Pilz | Kickflip | Photo: @John.Note

Greatest Aussie skater of all time?

I have a few. Chima, Dane, Jake Duncombe, Shane Cross, Dustin, and Jake Hayes.

How has your perspective on the skate industry changed over the years as you delver deeper into your career?

Don't even notice really I still rarely have to deal with it.

What’s up with DadCam?

It's my friend from Canberra, Jack Dowden that films and it's all about having the most fun you can have and drinking and skating with your friends.

Has anyone tried to host an intervention to address your addiction to benihanas?

No way. It's an Australian thing Shane and Jake and Chima are all the best at benis.

First 540?

Maybe 16. I did 720s before 5s haha. Just a long haired baby girl spinning around looking like a dipshit landing down the bottom of the ramp.

Bowls or street?

Bit of both

Secret to skating with long hair?

Cut it off.

You skate with Dane a lot yeah? What’s something people would be surprised to learn about him?

People always ask me if he's a dick but he's the nicest guy in the world. Wouldn't be anywhere without him. He's the biggest skate nerd maybe in the world.

What’re you going to do now that you’ve finished all these questions?

Nurse this hangover for a bit then take the dogs to the beach, go for a skate, pick up my friends and some wine and have a bbq.


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