The Jack Fardell Interview

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Jack Fardell... Australian for Skateboarding. He's been on an all out rampage lately, destroying spots around the globe, showing little to no remorse for the devastated skaters left baffled in his wake. As if that weren't enough he recently swapped animal allegiance from Eagle to Panda, joined the Adidas team with a mind-fuck of a welcome part and snagged the latest cover of Thrasher by manhandling a rail that was left untouched for nearly 20 years.

This is The Jack Fardell Interview

Let’s start with the one thing everyone has been wanting to know... What happened with Anti Hero? Too much sleeping on the ground for your liking?

I love camping, I'm Australian. I don't think it's appropriate to go into full detail on this subject. I have no bad blood and nothing but respect for Julien and everyone at DLX, I still ride for Spitfire and will until the day I die... I just didn't like some people on the team and they didn't like me. I have morals and didn't agree with the behavior of some of the team members. I wasn't going to act differently to impress anyone and I don't think that went over well with some... Others I'm still good mates with. It all worked out for the best in the end.

How did the opportunity with enjoi come about? Was there any other team you almost wound up on instead?

Living in the Bay Area for two years, I was skating with my good friend Dave Chami a lot who is good friends with all the Enjoi guys. We would go out skating with everyone and have the best sessions, everyone was just stoked to be out skating and having a rad time with their mates. That's what I love about skating. When things with Anti Hero ended Dave suggested enjoi and told me they had been asking about my situation. One afternoon Louie and I sat down and talked about me riding for enjoi and it just felt right.. I'm excited to be a part of a team/brand I've always been stoked on. It's always so much fun skating with the crew, couldn't be more happy to be a part of the panda.

And you’re Australian? What’s that like?

Being Australian? I love where I am from. It's a beautiful country, my family is there.

Is it true you were Skater of the Year in Australia?

Yes, in 2014. For an Australian Magazine, Slam Skate Mag.

So you’re living full time here in the USA now? How does it feel to finally be able to drive on the correct side of the road?

I love living in the U.S. My wife and I just moved to LA, We love it here. New City, new spots and a lot of my friends from Australia live here also which is great.

Who were some of the American pros you looked up to when you were younger?

When I was growing up the Australian skate scene was more in my face than the U.S. My favorite Aussies were Matt Mumford and Andrew Currie, two close friends of mine. If I was to pick Americans that I was influenced by I'd say Cardiel, Wade Speyer, AVE, Busenitz... Powerful skaters that can skate anything, I like seeing that in skateboarding.

Now that you are in the mix of the American skateboard industry, is it as glamorous as it seemed when you were back in Australia?

It's completely different from what I thought it would be like when I was younger. I think skateboarding has gone in a bunch of different directions in the past few years, all of them good. I love what I do and love being a skateboarder... That's what we're here for right?!

Do you still get star struck when you meet some of the big names in skateboarding?

I don't get star struck... It's definitely an honor to meet some skateboarders though.

Click to watch Jack Fardell's "Hit and Run" part for Spitfire Wheels

Where did you learn to skate tranny so well? Were there older dudes that took you under their wing and showed you the ways?

I grew up in a town called Queanbeyan, which borders the Australian Capital Territory. That city is filled with some of the best old/new tranny terrain in Australia. I grew up skating mainly transition and big concrete bowls. It wasn't until later that I started skating street.

What’s the hardest trick for you?

I don't really do a lot of flip tricks, I love skating big rails but flipping my board down a massive set of stairs isn't high on my list. I ride an 8.62, takes a while for that thing to come back around.

You’re little brother rips too right? Do you guys push each other a lot? Like does it motivate you to have to be better than your little bro?

My brother Bugs fuckin' rips, he came on the second half of the enjoi tour with us in Australia and killed it! Some of the tricks he has done in Pizzey recently are mind blowing. He is my favorite person to go skating with, we love to skate the same type of terrain. Never am I motivated to be better than my younger brother at anything, I want him to be the best.

Bugs Fardell | Nosegrind at Elanora

3 traditions or customs, if you could, you’d like to bring here from Australia?

Australia Day, Anzac Day and VB.

3 foods that you miss from Australia?

My mums cooking, meat pies and pub meals.

3 favorite slang words from Australia?

G'day! Cheers! Oi!

3 skaters you could bring with you from Australia?

My brother Bugs Fardell, Andrew Currie and Kerry Fisher.

3 favorite spots to skate in Australia?

Pizzey, Elanora and Bondi.

What’s it like having Sweet Lou for a boss now? Someone said he runs enjoi like Mussolini…

He's the best, he wants nothing but the best for enjoi and everyone on the team. I'm stoked to have Louie and Cairo as mentors and friends.

How was the Aussie Aussie Aussie tour? Who went on the trip? Any good stories?

The trip was super fun, 4 cities in 2 weeks. We had Louie, Caswell, Raemers, an Aussie guy Jackson Pilz, Dave Chami and Roger Bagley behind the lenses and Anthony Mapstone on the megaphone! We had a blast skating the Aussie terrain, doing some demos and drinking some good Aussie beer.

Was that your first trip with the enjoi team?

Yes, it was my first enjoi trip and it was fun as hell.

Are enjoi trips really as laid back as they seem?

I don't think this trip was laid back, but I like it that way... Up early, skating all day long, searching out spots. Some days we had two signings and a demo in one day. It's way more fun that way.

And now you’re fully on Adidas, how did that come about?

Again, I have to thank Dave Chami for this one. He is mates with Jascha and Skin at Adidas and recommended me to them. We started talking, I got some shoes and went on a trip to get to know the team and it went from there. Couldn't be more stoked to skate for such a rad a shoe company. When you skate in shoes and you can feel the quality under your feet it makes a huge difference. It's motivating to know you're riding the best. I'm honored to be a part of the Adidas skate team.

Click to watch Jack Fardell's "Welcome to Adidas" part

It seems like you just dropped that Spitfire part, how long did you have to film “Welcome to Adidas?” Did you travel much?

I had about 3 months originally to film that, then it was extended to 6 months. Most of it was around the Bay Area, some from an Adidas trip to Atlanta and Los Angeles and some from back home on the Gold Coast in Australia over winter.

How long did it take you to hit the top bar at Fort Miley? We’re still baffled you can get so much pop off that tiny bank.

I love that place, the first time I went there was with Gabe Morford and Ty Evans. There were about 30 of us up there that day. It took a minute to work out that bank but I think it's pretty perfect. That was the day I nosegrind tail grabbed the top bar. Then I went back to try the front feeble with Dave Chami a few months later. I ended up going there 9 times for that, between getting kicked out by cops and just beating myself up I didn't know if it would ever happen. Then one day I went there and did it twice in ten minutes... Funny how skateboarding works.

And your Thrasher cover was epic! Can you walk us through the process from seeing that rail for the first time to rolling away?

I lived in SF for 2 years and it wasn't until the very end that I went and looked at that rail. I went up there one day with some mates to check it out and I guess thought it was do able. I called Joe Brook a few days later and told him I wanted to go and look at it again with him. I think we went up there 3 more times to check it out. There's a playground at the top with a lot of kids so we had to time it around when they would be napping. One day we went there around 2pm and no kids in sight. Joe and Justin Albert started setting up. It took me a long time to go for it, I would either jump over the rail or put my trucks on and jump into the dirt. The thought of walking away from it again was driving me nuts, I kind of blacked out and went for it and then I was rolling away. Very grateful to have had the cover of Thrasher and to Joe and Justin for shooting it. Thank you to you all!

Do you find it ironic you hitting that rail given the circumstances?

Not ironic, it's still Cardiel's rail.

With all this rampant spot crushing what’s next for Jack Fardell?

Getting married in a month, that's exciting! We just love living in LA right now. Working on a new Adidas project and hopefully another enjoi video soon. Life's good mate.

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