The Jack Curtin Interview

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With technical street skills and the steez to match, Jack Curtin has been a DGK mainstay for years now. Originally from the mean streets of DC by way of Indonesia, Jack eventually found his way to the hills of San Francisco where his skating abilities came to be perfected.

With so much style seething out of one individual it can be hard to put into words what makes him so appealing... So instead let's just leave it at this - he switch flip backside 50-50'd Clipper LedgeThat right there says it better than we ever could.

This is The Jack Curtin Interview.


Do you remember your first board? How old were you and how did you get it?

My first board was a Santa Cruz Rob Roskoff melting face board. I think I was 12. I don't really remember how I got it, think I "borrowed it" from a friend and never gave it back or something like that.

What’s your favorite DGK board and / or series boards?

I always liked the "Kracker Jack" board, my first pro board "The Tuxedo" and the "Yo Ghetto Ghetto" series.

What was the biggest culture shock living in Indonesia?

Biggest culture shock moving to Indonesia was probably a little bit of everything... The weather, the traffic, pollution and the hecticness of Jakarta; but once I got accustomed I loved it.

Were locals accepting of you at their spots from the start?

Yea all the locals we're super cool and welcoming. I made some really good friends and they are still keeping the scene going out there in Jakarta. #SenayanSkateboarders

Would you consider it a more or less dangerous place to live than DC?

I would say less dangerous because there aren't as many guns out there.

Did you miss the Pepe Martinez era or was he still ripping when you were coming up?

I missed that era. I was already living in Indo during the 90's but I would go back to DC during summers and watch all the DC skate videos so I def knew who he was. He had some of the best casual style ever.

Watch Jack's favorite full part from LRG's "Give Me My Money Chico"

What is your favorite skate video and why?

All time skate video is probably Trilogy. That's what I grew up watching like everyday.

In your own words, why is Gino Iannucci your favorite skater?

His trick selection, his speed, and his unique style in how he lands tricks.

What is your favorite SF spot past or present?

All my fav SF spots are of the past... Hubba Hideout, Pier 7 and the old Union Square.

Are there any video parts you are most proud of?

My LRG "Give Me My Money Chico" video part is probably my favorite because of all the trips and good memories I have during the traveling and filming of that part.

What has been the hardest trick for you to film on Clipper? What was the process behind landing it?

The switch flip back 50. I went in the afternoon like 2 or 3 but they had street hockey so I came back at 4. Right after I started flipping into the switch 50 it got dark. So then we had to bust out the lights and I had to re-warm up again. After a couple of hours battling, I rolled away from 2.

Watch Jack stomp Clipper at the 3:22 mark

How has Jamie Thomas contributed to your success?

By giving me a pro shoe and taking me on some really fun trips around the world.

Fallen is probably not the shoe company people would’ve predicted you riding for, how did you end up there?

It was all him reaching out to me.

What was your favorite destination or spot from Road Less Traveled?

Thailand and South Africa.

What happened to your relationship with Fallen and do you have a new shoe sponsor?

No new shoe situation set up yet. Fallen just doesn't have the budget to resign me. Bummer, but hope I can get a new opportunity somewhere else.

How’s your golf game these days?

Its getting there, I been shooting in the 80's lately and sometimes the 70's on a really good day.

Do you paint much anymore?

I have an unfinished painting that's been sitting there for a couple years. Ha. It's hard to get motivated to paint between family, skating and everything but hopefully I'll get back to it!

What else can we expect from Jack Curtin in 2014?

For this year I'll be filming for Gold Goon's, the new LRG full length video and working on a new Thrasher Mag interview!

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