The Gary Rogers Interview

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Gary. Fucking. Rogers.

Honestly, what do you write about this dude that isn't better summarized by watching an episode of SkateLine?

Let's see... Mark Suciu, Thrasher Boyz, Metro. That seems about right... Did we say Mark Suciu? This is "The Gary Rogers Interview."

Do you remember your first deck?

Kmart board.

What is your favorite skate video?

Mark Suciu. The Life of Mark Suciu.

Have you ever been sponsored at any level? Flow for Metro?

I’ve been sponsored by Orbit. Wasn’t buck enough for Metro though haha.

Would you consider yourself a skate nerd?

Nah ima skate nigga, if you will, my young duperest.

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Will black athletes ever dominate skating like they have basketball and football? Or is it becoming more of a Latin man’s game like baseball?

Hahahahaha I mean fuck this question skaters aren’t athletes, to me they are skaters.

SkateLine is fairly ubiquitous these days... Do skaters still get pissed when you talk shit or do they more accept and expect it now? When was the last time someone got really offended?

I don’t know and I don’t know ha.

What are some truly offensive moments in skate history?

Shane O’Neill Nike Chronicles 2.

How is producing SkateLine for Thrasher different than it was for RideChannel?

It’s not really, it’s just slightly more chill since its home.

How did the deal even come about? Did you have any say in the matter, or do you just feel like a fresh piece of meat these days?

Me Joel and Tony is niggas so we was like aye we on it haha… And pause.

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Has the process of creating a SkateLine episode evolved at all since its inception or do you still just freestyle everything?

Still freewheeling haha

How many times have people equated the switch to being bought and sold like a slave trade?

Nigga What?!

Do you have any comedic idols or influences? You seem like a Richard Pryor kinda dude.

Pryor, Chappelle, Griffin, Lawrence, Murphy, Tosh, Carey, McColloch, Rogers and Rogers.

SOTY… Why Mark Suciu? Why has it always been Mark Suciu? Who would you compare him to?

Becuase I mean just look at him, becuase I mean look at eeeeem! No one.

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Once he was out who did you vote for?

No one but I was hoping for Ishod.

How disrespectful IS “Fade To Black”?

Can’t think about it too much too much too much tooooo mucchhh haha fucking Nyjah, so amazing.

Who else is killing it in the game right now?

Everyone else.

Worst skate company out there right now?


Who is a sacred cow in skateboarding?


Click to watch "Fade To Black: Raw & Uncut"

Most under-rated skateboarder of all time?


What’s the best spot in the East Bay?

Costco Ledge / Thrasher Skate Park.

Do you have any other side projects going on? You on Datpiff yet?

Yeah music, I film, edit and skate.

What’s was on your Christmas list?

For everyone to be happy and skate… And pause.

What else can we expect from Gary Rogers in 2014?

Expect me to love all you guys out there, no weird shit, but I thank all of you. I swear I love you skateboarding!!!

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