The FTC Young Bucks Interview

on Sunday, 27 July 2014.

San Francisco's FTC has been supporting the local scene for decades now with some of skateboarding's finest claiming the shop as home.

But as the inevitable effects of time begin to take their toll on the legends of yester-year, the proverbial torch must be passed to a new generation, The FTC Young Bucks.

These guys are doing what it takes to grow and progress skating beyond the initial foundations that have been laid for them and they do it For The City.

This is the FTC Young Bucks Interview

  • FTC Young Bucks
  • FTC Young Bucks 2
  • $$ FTC Young Bucks For The Cash Montage $$
  • Jonathan Perez Volonte Part

Matt Dodge | Nico Hiraga | Joel Misner

Kallen Matlock | Samuel Chao | Ryan Gowan | Tafari Whitter

Desmond Billie | Joshua Fajardo | Jonathan Perez | Brandon Ayala

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