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As much as we pride ourselves in articulating the finer aspects of skate culture, when someone has already worked to painstakingly refine the thoughts and feelings of their community with such genuine sincerity, well it's best to just let them speak for themselves.

From the back cover:

"In the early 90's, San Francisco skateboarding was reigning supreme, Embarcadero was it's Mecca, and FTC skateboard shop was spreading the street skating revolution worldwide, as the prophetic Del song echoed. FTC lore has reached quasi-Masonic proportions over the years, mostlly passed down from one eyewitness to another through oral records. For the first time, Seb Carayol has embarked on a journey to collect these stories, along with over 400 classic and never-before-seen photographs, illustrations, and images to depict the odyssey."

"Sure there are a few legendary skateshops in the world, but how may can honestly claim themselves synonymous with an entire era in skateboarding history? Just one, really. Its name is FTC."

This is the FTC Book Release Party.

Even from across the street you could tell it was going to be an awesome night...

...and it's great to see "The Stick" display still up!

But it looks like there's something new added to the case!

Come on in and grab a beer!

Hot off the presses!

Which one should we pick???

Alright we got our copy... Let's lurk about and see who's here!

Chico was easy to spot in his favorite Central Skateboards hat... We need one.

Chico Brenes | "EMB 4 EVER"

Chico & Kent checking out Del The Funky Homosapien's section.

Rick Ibaseta | Check out those gas prices!!!

Jon Constatino aka FJ

Jason Wussler | Friends & Family | The fluffy dog is his.

Justin Girard

Karl Watson | Organika Founder

Nick Lockman aka Lil Nick | That DGK ring doe!!!

But who's that with the sick FTC ring???

It's Jabari Pendleton!!!

Kent Uyehara & Elissa Steamer | Photo: Zach Curtis

Rachel aka Oh Boo aka EMB OG | Where can we get that Indica shirt???


'Twuan | We'll see you in tha streets G!

Rob Welsh in the sickest Expedition One jacket we've ever seen.

Couldn't find Gary in the book but you can see him anytime on the FTC mantle...

Right Here.

Now it's time to go home and nerd out on this book... Until next time FTC!

All photos... Except maybe one or two by Joe Scimonelli


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