The David Gravette Interview

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When trying to come up with ways to properly describe what makes David Gravette such an amazing skater we found it hard to really put into words. It's just the sort of natural, fluid, good time skateboarding that makes you want to hop on a board, perhaps with a beer in hand. It might sound cliche' but to us he embodies what real core skating is all about... Having fun! The last time we saw him skate was at the 2014 Dew Tour Portland Street Style competition with his arm in a sling, the day before surgery and still pulling tricks we'd likely never attempt on our best day. I dunno, maybe that's a proper way to describe him?

This is The David Gravette Interview

Click to watch David Gravette teach you how to do backflips

How is the skate scene in Portland these days? Is it still touting the “most skate friendly” moniker?

Oh yeah, still very skate friendly city.

What’s the “hippest” thing you have ever witnessed in Portland?

Hawthorne Street.

What are some of your favorite Portland spots?

I like it all, just wherever the homies are.

What sort of stuff have you built at your house to skate?

Dammit this is really embarrassing but I haven't built shit, just always go skate Glenhaven Skatepark.

Any advice for those considering home ownership?

Look at a lot of houses and maybe don't buy an old house like me cause even though they have personality it will require more maintenance.

Do you still super glue your lighter to your phone? Any other new inventions as of late?

Na I wish, I have been pushed into the damn smart phone as of 4 months ago.

If you were to create a Creature custom shape like The Wrench or The Coffin what would it be?

I would want to come up with something more creative but I am sure it would wind up a spliff.

Click the image to watch David Gravette shred Glen Haven Skate Park

Since you’re now part of Dew Tour have you given up your pursuit of a beer sponsor? If you were to get a beer sponsor who would it be?

I will never give up that dream! Maybe Pacifico...

Do you have any good hangover remedies for skating?

I am too old, hangover means no skating for me.

Street or Tranny?

Gotta have both.

Joints or Spliffs?

Gotta have spliff.

Bearded Dragons or Leopard Geckos?

Gotta have bearded dragons.

You have a reputation for being chronically injured… Are you on the mend from anything major at the moment?

Yeah I dislocated my shoulder bout a month ago and will be getting surgery the day after Dew Tour.

You were pretty candid in your Instagram debut about your feelings towards creating an account; can you give us more detailed explanation of why you had to make one?

Apparently you need one to be a pro skater I guess.

Now that you’ve sold your soul and joined the Insta-cult do you find yourself checking your phone more often?

Na not really, I was afraid that would happen but I still don't really know what the fuck I am doing, I just actually did my first post myself 2 weeks ago.

What do you think of technology in general? How do you decide what makes a particular piece of technology, like a smartphone, good or bad?

It's all bad to me, even if it's really useful it just gives me anxiety. Typing this interview has even forced me to close the computer a few times. I usually right my emails or interviews down on paper before typing them.

How did your KOTR mystery guest experience compare to your past KOTR trips? What was it like rolling with the Birdhouse crew?

It was awesome, I really liked traveling with those guys and was so fucking hyped to get a win under my belt. Homies often gave me shit for having the eyebrow tattoos and being like king of the road aye… Well you never won.

Were you at all conflicted in celebrating since finally winning KOTR was with another team?

Not at all.

Click the image to watch David Gravette take on the KOTR "Antwuan Challenge"

Favorite OG Creature rider?

Jason Adams!

Was the TWS backflip the sketchiest thing you’ve ever done? If not, what stands out as most life threatening?

Really I think it might have been my Thrasher cover, the grind into the ditch.

Sketchiest 5050 you’ve ever done?

Probably the same one.

Key to 5050ing a gnarly kinked rail?

Gotta have confidence and stay light footed through kinks.

David Gravette | Grind to Bank | Thrasher Magazine May 2013 

What’s next for Baby Lamb in 2014?

Unfortunately it will be recovering from shoulder surgery but think I will be putting out a small video part for Circa when my new shoe comes out.

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