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Chris Cole has come a long way since the days of yellow t-shirts and 50-50 late foot flips. He's been crushing it for well over a decade and steadily risen to the upper echelons of skateboard stardom. Yet despite his lack of banana camouflage these days, Cole still comes across as the same humble dude from the turn of the century. 

Even now he continues to skate on a level that very few can even conceive, laying waste to every spot he touches. If you need proof look no further than his two most recent parts for Zero Skateboards "Cold War" and DC Shoes "Cole Lite 2". 

So while Chris Cole is out there making skate history on his path to world domination we're here left to wonder how he even found time to answer our questions... This is The Chris Cole Interview.

Chris Cole | BS Tailslide | Photo: Anthony Acosta

What was it like skating in Langhorne, PA growing up? What’s the best skate spot? Where would you skate in the winter?

In the beginning it was lonely haha. I was the only skater. Eventually it ruled cause I found more skate friends and they are great friends that I have still today. The winters were hard though. I would skate under bank drive thru overhangs. Literally anywhere not snowy. Later on I started going to cheapskates skatepark and ivyland park.

Describe your first time going to Love Park? What was it like?

I'll never forget it. The vibe was so real and new to me. All of "THE" dudes were there that day. Oyola, Sergie, Stevie, Reason and a bunch of the local rippers.

Did you do any other tricks down the Love Park rail before you did the noseslide heelflip Tensor ad? Do you warm up with a noseslide first or just go straight for noseslide nollie heel?

I noseslide it in a line, but that's the only move before the nose nollie heel. I actually did that trick the night before at about midnight just with my friends and then came back to film it... but landed it way sketchier.

Which Big 4 is harder to skate, Wallenberg of Love Park?

Both are ruthless. To ride away at Love is extremely difficult cause the painted ground is slippery. Wallenberg is impossible to clear though. Both are terrible haha.

Click to watch Chris Cole's Love Park ender from Transworld's "In Bloom" (2002)

Click to watch Chris Cole's uncut Wallenberg 360 flip footage from Zero's "New Blood" (2005)

What is your favorite Zero video and why?

Misled Youth cause I liked it so much before being in the videos.

Tell us about your experience filming for Cold War... Any favorite memories or things we wouldn’t know from watching the finished product?

My favorite time was cruising with Ed Duff in his car on the Zero tour. Just the PA crew in Ed's car following the van.

Of all the fucked up tricks you have given us over the years, like your 270 lip 270 out in Cold War, or your back 180 nosegrind big spin heel out, what has been most difficult to get?

Two have to be called out. Wallenberg tre was the most I ever beat myself in one session to make a trick happen: 3 hours and 68 tries at a gap like that will kill you. The other is backside 360 flip Carlsbad Gap. I went there 12 times for it. Each session was about 2 hours.

Was it your decision to include Ed Duff in your Cold War part? How much editorial influence do you have on your part in a Zero video?

I wanted Ed in the video and it made the most sense. All the homies wanted Ed in there too, just had to figure out how. Shared part was the best solution. I picked the song after getting a few options shot down. I try to have some say like I wanted a lot more tricks in the part but ultimately the decision goes to Jamie and Gilbert. They don't always listen to you for the sake of the entire project. It came out rad though. Just truth here.

How does your approach to filming and trick selection differ now compared to your 411 Wheel of Fortune days? That 50-50 backfoot lip-out was pretty unconventional.

I am more unconventional now. I just have to land the mess I get myself in!

Click to watch Chris Cole in Zero Skateboards "Cold War" trailer

How long did it take for you to come up with The Weird Al and then land it? For those who don’t know, can you describe the rotation?

It's a nollie backside 360 shuvit... with a backfoot underflip in the beginning. I made it up (in my world, turns out Rodney did it before me!) when I was really young probably like 11. Out front of my moms house. We made up the name while filming it in slow mo for Ride Channel.

Tell us about the BATB 6 bet with Mike Mo... When does your Glassy Sunhaters signature line come out? Any other skate-bets you’ve won/lost recently?

Mike said "if I ever beat you in a contest..ever! You have to ride for glassy" so that's how that happened. I got on electric this year, which I am really hyped on. Mike always said "if you get a chance to ride for another company and wanna take it, it's absolutely cool with me".

What’s the status of Hot Wax these days?

Hotwax grew up haha. When all the dudes are together it rules just like old times but horn is an RN, Chachi works for Baker Boys and the whole crew is doing their own lives. Most people don't get a chance to capture that great moment in their lives and we were lucky enough to do that in two videos.

Who is the hottest redhead actress in Hollywood right now?

I'll go with two- Emma stone who I think is gorgeous and seems like a cool person too. Also Jessica from True Blood. She's a fox. Lucky for me my wife is a beautiful redhead, otherwise I would be a creep answering as fast as I did haha.

The Chief has always been a source of advice and influence for you. Now that you’re a bit older and wiser, how do your conversations differ? What’s the best career advice he’s ever given you?

Now that I'm grown up I don't need advice really. So we just skate and hang. Best advice is to be quiet and just skate. When you're young you just talk too much.

Click to watch Chris Cole's latest part in China for the DC Shoes Cole Lite 2

Are there any favorite SLS courses of recent past the come to mind? Has there ever been a time when the course was revealed and you knew you were fucked?

LA X Games this year was the worst ever. They knew it to (ca skateparks) but the championship course in New Jersey was perfect.

How do you prepare leading up to one of these SLS contests? There has to be some sort of physical or mental strategy right?

I try to stay on my board as much as humanly possible (for me). And I keep myself fit. Not getting ripped but I try to not get winded as quick.

What do you do when you leave with a $200K cash purse? Where does that go?

It gets saved but I will take a small amount out and do something nice. It used to be guitars, now it's family trips haha.

What’s going on with Cult these days? How are your bar spins coming along? Any other new tricks you’re stoked on?

Cult is incredible. I am inspired by that whole crew and how they are doing it. I haven't even tried to throw bars in about a year. I am just saddened by my lack of bmx ability haha.

How did you convince Steve Berra to let a bunch of BMXers in The Berrics? Cash bribe?

He knows the dudes and was totally cool with it. Steve is a class act.

Click to watch Chris Cole and the Cult Crew BMX at The Berrics

Do you think you’re looking for that new feeling of naïve excitement in BMX? Like has skating at a professional level and in competition jaded you in any way?

It is that new feeling for sure, but skating has my heart. Just you can't skate for the first time again. Bmx feels like the beginning of skating in a way.

What’s next for Chris Cobra Cole in 2014?

Add to skating, not take from it. Add tricks that I like that need a moment to shine hopefully.

What are you going to do now that you’re finished with all these damn questions???

Apologize to you for how long it took me to answer them!!!

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