The Berrics Agenda 2016

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One of the perks to running your own website is that you can get into events for free as "Press" and gain unfettered access to things others would be jealous of... The Berrics Agenda is one such occasion! Join us as we lurk about the world's largest skateboard tradeshow and gain sneak peeks into what new products are in store for 2016!

This is The Berrics Agenda 2016


No time to waste, let's get lurking!



New shit... Go Fuck Thyself.

Lil Mayo Squad

Hurtlife Booth

Sneak peek

Ragdoll kills it on and off the board

New from Welcome... Couple of new pro boards in the mix.

Get with The Program.


New Emerica x Eswic collab coming soon

Winner of the Emerica Design a Tee contest

New from Grizzly

This Chris Joslin poster looks awfully life like...

eS founder Don Brown talking with some other media outlet... Probably about how they're back now.

Tom Asta, Don Brown and Kelly Hart out here promoting eS

Sweet Treats

Friendship x Surprise wins best booth


New from Sk8Mafia

New SpongeBob Series

Sammy Winter Cliche' Natas Kaupas tribute deck

Lucas Puig Cliche' Gabriel Rodriguez tribute deck

The Chief backs it!

New Zero decks with art by Ben Horton

Even more new Zero Ben Horton decks!

Good things to come from Dwindle Distribution.

New Almost x DC boards... Big Black Deck... Little White Deck.

New enjoi boards by Jim Houser


New Almost Series by Jean Jullien

Close up

Daewon wanted to be sure you know which one is his

New series from Cliche'... I'd be lying if I said I knew who the artist is.

This is about as close as you'll get with a camera to the Kayo booth...

...NHS too.

But John Nicholson and David Gonzalez are here so it's all good!

Talking shop with Professor Schmitt

JK Industries taking over the industry one hand screened board at a time

Shit like this is why Jeremy rules

Salman Agah for Pizzanista! They have a food truck out back too

FSC... It's open to interpretation

HUF exhibit

HUF himself

If only we wore hightops

Upcoming HUF x Chocolate collab

Some fancy new HUF shoe in a glass case, not sure what it's called

Still looking for the Lowcard booth

Crailtap turned their booth into a Spike Jonze art gallery

Rob Welsh taking it all in

New board series from Crailtap with Spike Jonze

Top graphics

Top graphics up close

Top graphics up waaaay close

Stevie Perez' new "Flaco" shoe collab from Lakai x Chocolate

The Salford... New Lakai model coming at you!

Legends... I'm still amazed they take time for photos with us

Tim Gavin and Sam Smyth at the Filament booth... History.

New Filament pro shoe for Moose... Digging that perforation.

New Filament pro shoe for Kevin Romar

Knox Hardware... Filament booth adjacent

New from Plan B

New element series with graphics by FOS

Glassy crew... Chuck The Sailor oversees all.

Neen and The Mule... Sounds like a children's book.

New from Deathwish

FOS and the new pro boards he designed for Tony Karr and Lee Yankou


So hard.

Vans display outside the booth... New shoe for K-Walks!

Up close

The waffle station is most appropriate

Jordan Hoffart for Stereo

New C1rca pro shoe for Taylor Kirby

New Creature x C1rca pro shoe for David Gravette... The Suede turns green as you skate it!

New C1rca x Lowcard collab shoe... This will be us one day.

Team Burrito and T-Puds fresh off the Diamond Footwear announcement!

Nicky Diamonds and Jeron Wilson... FOUNDERS.

Lee Spielman killing the Babylon ramp

Good job dude.

Nike Toe Cap... Because everyone is doing it, duh.

DC New Jack

Soul outta control

We broke the news on Brian Peacock and Devine Calloway going pro for Primitive... Remember that.

Devine Calloway boards up close

Brian Peacock boards up close

Extra sneak peek at even more Primitive boards for Calloway and Peacock


Until next year!!!

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