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Auby Taylor is an unstoppable force of gnar that's been making some huge contributions to the world of skate, including his most recent Thrasher VXclusives, a KOTR Mystery Guest appearance and working graveyard shift for the Nike SB Trick Tree Challenge.

We've read in the past that he's socially awkward and introverted, but in our first encounter with Auby Taylor he was anything but. His southern hospitality shined through as he agreed to sit down with a few beers to answer our questions, so crack open a cold one and learn all about Krooked Skateboards rising star. This is The Auby Taylor Interview.

Who are you and where are you from?

I am Auby Taylor and I am from the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas.

How long have you been skating for?

I don't really even known, I must have been 11 or 12 when I started and I am 24 now, so maybe 13 years?

Do you remember your first board?

I do, it was an old school shaped Nash board with pink wheels. My mom brought it home from a garage sale for me and I took to it right away. pushing mongo of course! Thanks mom, I love you.

Who was your first sponsor?

Fast Forward Skate Shop in Fort Worth. I rode for them for a few years as a kid until Zumiez bought out the the chain of stores they owned and the team manager at the time Dameon Rowe, quit to start his own skateshop called Index Skateboard Supply and I ended up quitting short after to ride for Index and i have been for 8 years.

"support your local shop... chances are they will be the first ones to support you!"

Dameon has been a friend, mentor, even an employer to me hiring me to work at the shop during my visits back home. I owe a lot to Dameon and everyone at Index; they gave me my start with everything. And my message to the kids would be to support the local shop in your town because chances are they will be the first ones to support you!

Who are you sponsored by now?

I ride for Index Skateshop, Krooked Skateboards, Nike, Matix Clothing, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Bones Swiss, and Hombre Hardware.

Backside Flip | Photo: Shaun Mefford for Skateboard Mag

How did Krooked find you?

I was skating in the Phoenix Am Contest (2012) and Mike Anderson's dad introduced me to John Alden. I was stoked on Krooked and John was down to help me out and i got my first box of boards a few weeks after. It was a great day.

What’s it like skating with Gonz? Do you relate to his quirkiness a lot?

I have yet to meet Mark, but he seems pretty normal to me!

Who do you skate with the most?

I've been skating with lots of people, I try to mix it up. Mainly my friends in Long Beach and Tim Fulton, Jake Ruiz , Moose, 90s Massimo.

What is your go-to trick?

It depends what I'm skating I guess, I have always liked switch heelflips. Or a frontside grind.

" was an old school shaped Nash board with pink wheels... pushing mongo of course!"

What’s the best place to skate in Texas?

There's a lot of great places to skate in Texas. The DFW area has so many amazing spots and I think everyone should visit there. It has everything you need!

What’s the key to a good “southern drawl”?

If you're me, a few beers with your friends from back home will do it. If you're not me, watch King of the Hill.

How did you become a KOTR Mystery Guest? What’s your favorite memory?

Joe Hammeke called me and said they were doing the mystery guests for this years KOTR with skaters that had a lunatic fringe in the magazine and that I was chosen to be one of them.

My favorite memory was when me and Vincent Alvares rolled into our first pools wearing the farmer outfits.

What’s the secret to becoming a certified Ledge Master?

I don't claim to be a master by any means but an older skater from Dallas always told me to try and grind my tricks longer.

"Here we go again. Another guy that's so good it's hard to comprehend..." - Thrasher Magazine

" older skater from Dallas always told me to try and grind my tricks longer."

Why do you have a weakness for bathtubs and comic books? Do those two go hand-in-hand?

I've been getting shit for this one forever. I have always loved the bathtub since I was a kid and I just felt like no one would bother me there, it was almost like my meditation to go in there and tune out life. When I was young my parents would get angry with me because sometimes I would spend hours in the bathroom, maybe even taking a blanket and pillow to sleep in there. The comic books are just something to read while I'm in there. I read Archie Comics or skate mags.

You were home schooled right? Would you consider yourself a mama’s boy?

Yes and no. I do love my mom and I respect her to the fullest but she taught me to be independent just like her. So I still do my own things. I'm a mama's boy and a daddy's boy. Both my parents are rad!

What does Auby Taylor know?

Love is the most important thing.

Frontside 270 Back Lip | #FTCForTheCash3

You have Aspergers, a high functioning side of Autism… Do you at all attribute it to your skateboarding skills?

To tell you the truth I don't even know much about Aspergers, I do not think about it that much. I think the diagnosis was mistaken and I do not believe i have any disabilities related to Aspergers. My social skills might have been affected by home schooling but I'm so glad my parents chose that for me.

I have heard that as a person with Aspergers matures and gets older, the symptoms tend to lessen, But either way it was skateboarding that really helped me out the most and making good friends. Thank you skateboarding!

Know any good Asperger’s jokes?

Only from that one South Park episode.

Your name is Auby, we’re not going to bother telling people your “old” name… But have you had it legally changed yet so people stop fucking with you?

My real name is Adam Taylor. That's what is on my birth certificate. I have not had it legally changed, and i do not plan on doing so. The reason i chose to use my dad's name is because I look up to him, and there are two other skaters with my same name in the skateboard world; so to avoid confusion and to honor my dad I think are my main reasons. A lot of my close friends definitely still call me Adam to mess with me but I don't mind.

Are you any more comfortable with hitting up your sponsors for product these days?

Yea I have learned it's not a hard thing to do when you feel comfortable with the people you talk to. They are here to help you and vice versa. You have to be able to communicate in order to make it work.

We got some dope footage of you at FTCForTheCash3. What did you think of the course?

That was a super fun contest, and I loved how the course was in a backyard with a skateable tree. I hope I get invited next year!

Kickflip Back Lip or Back Noseblunt? The world may never know | #FTCForTheCash3

Are you doing a lot of comps these days?

I will be at Tampa Am, and some of the others I am sure.

What else do you have planned for 2014?

Keep skating and taking care of myself, finish my video part and learn how to grab behind the knee on frontside airs!

What’re you going to do now that you’re finished with all these damn questions?

Get another beer!

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