The Alec Majerus Interview

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Alec Majerus has been killing it in the streets and in contests for years now, but 2014 has been especially significant. Independent video part; Check. Recruited by The Berrics; Check. Tampa Pro, Street League and X-Games; Check. Plus to top it all off he officially turned pro for Flip Skateboards less than a month ago with a full part dropping today! 

With so much going on for this future legend we were stoked he took time to answer some questions about living the dream.

This is The Alec Majerus Interview

Alec Majerus | FS Feeble | Bomb The Line - Berlin | Photo: Arto Saari

Without any real skate scene to speak of in Rochester how were you first introduced to skating?

My oldest brother Brandon brought home a skateboard one day and we went outside and tried to do Ollie's for like 3 hours and ever since then I have been hooked.

How were you able to deal with long winters in Minnesota and still progress as a skater? Do you ever wonder if you’d be even better if not for the 5 months of snow each year?

We always found our way up to Minneapolis to skate 3rd lair or we would just skate in our garages. I remember the winters would get ruthless, all my homies and I would be stressing wanting to skate so bad but we couldn’t and it sucked.

Did you actually end up going to high school for your senior year instead of online courses? How did you balance skating with class every day?

Yea I went back to school for senior year, best decision I ever made, I loved it! Lots of great memories senior year.

Alec Majerus | Street League Monster Energy Pro Open 

Go To Trick?

5050s! Funnest trick ever.

Go To Spot?

Volcom Park


I really have been backing Jeezy lately, I like everything though.


Chipotle is bomb.


Trees are mellow haha.

Click to watch Alec Majerus Recruited by The Berrics

Do you have any interests / hobbies outside of skateboarding?

Not really, just skate and hangout with the homies.

Is it true you were actually filling in for Grant Taylor at X-Games Austin? What happened? How much of a heads up did you have that you’d be competing?

Yea I actually missed the cut by one, but he didn’t end up skating so they called me like 2 hours before and asked me to skate, I was really hungover from the rock star party the night before, I don’t drink often but I drank that night and I was like puking before my run and then I puked right after my run haha. I think it might have helped because I wasn’t thinking to much about the contest.

Alec Majerus | Noseblunt | X-Games Austin 2014

How do you typically go about setting up your runs for competition? Are you fairly meticulous in plotting out your lines?

I just cruise the park and see what lines are fun and then I just do tricks I can do on the obstacles.

P-Rod prays into his hat, Ishod throws up a lot, we’re sure Nyjah does something... Would you say you have any pre-comp rituals of your own?

No not really, just another day of skating.

Tell us about Goose Nectar how did that video come about? And what the hell IS Goose Nectar? Sounds dirty.

Haha! Its one of my homies videos, its always fun times filming with the homies.

Do you have a favorite skate video? What makes it a favorite?

Baker 3 because it's just soooo beast.

Click to watch Alec Majerus and Louie Lopez in "GooseNectar"

You’ve traveled to quite a few countries by now, any crazy stories of life on the road? What’s been the best trip so far?

Not too many crazy stories yet, Amsterdam is definitely my favorite place I've been. Too much fun there!

Why / How did you end up switching from Vans to Adidas? What’s it been like skating with Gonz?

Not sure, just popped up really random, I love the Adidas squad, great times on trips so far! I actually haven't skated with Gonz yet though.

Have you ever received offers from any board sponsors other than Flip? Like is there any another team you almost wound up on?

I rode for Alien Workshop for a while, I've always wanted to be a part of Flip, I made my email flipskater63 when I was like 10.

When you get a pro-model board what kind of graphics do you think you’d want?

Id love to have something that represents my hometown or something.

(NOTE: Alec turned pro and got his hometown graphic shortly after we asked this question, but before publication.)

As an AM on the rise what is some of the best advice you’ve been given about coming up in the industry?

Just always have fun.

Any idea when the next Flip video is coming out?

New Flip vid coming out July 21st! Louie Curren and I all have parts.

Finish the sequence: Sorry... Really Sorry... Extremely Sorry...

Not Sorry.

Are you working on any other parts this year?

Filming a part for the new Volcom video.

What else can we expect from Alec Majerus in 2014?

Hmmm not sure, hopefully some skating and video parts.

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