The Thrasher Magazine 2015 SOTY Party

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Skaters came out of the woodwork and descended into the depths of SF to celebrate AVE being officially crowned SOTY for 2015... If you only go to one party all year, make it SOTY.

This is the Thrasher 2015 SOTY Party

Free shirts and posters at the door!

Fucking SOTY.

Already poppin'

The stage is set... Bummer they put in a guard rail this year.

Alcohol is mandatory... We see youuuu Jake Johnsonnnn

P-Stone... "Hey give me your beer really quick!"

TNT and Bat Shit Trix... Power Couple.

Busenitz owes us an interview... We put him on notice. lol

Tony V. baby!

Toad & Steamer

SOTY's here... What up Jake!

Vern Laird... Always a good sport when it comes to photo ops.

Big Hongry going in!

Miles Silvas... Don't thinks he's stopped partying since the LRG premier.

Jerry Gurney and his Sorceress lady friend


Duff & Nuge... Foundation Alumni.

Rowan Zorilla... Covers dude.

Eric Dressen... Legend af.

Nothing but love for Sweet Sal.

Smoke break with the locs

Nakel Smith and Kevin Bradley getting stamped up.

Tafari Whitter & Desmond Billie... CREATE.

Promised Gary this would be the only photo we ask him for tonight haha

Jason Dill & David Gonzalez... Everything about this photo rules.

Metro and Society locs

Ice cold Cody Chapman and his lady

Diego Najera & Shane O'Neill


The many faces of Dan-Lu


Mike Carroll & Sam Smyth...

Get over here Arco!

NOW it's a photo!

Mickey Reyes & TNT lurking

Sup Andy Roy?

SkateMore Scott... Working hard.

Fucking SOTY post-award acceptance speech... Congrats AVE!

The Spits take the stage.


"I'm just too turnt..." - Ishod Wair

GX is the reason

SkateMore B and Louie Barletta... See you next year!


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