Skateboarding's Best Carcass Huckers

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The Carcass Huckers... Those who selflessly sling themselves down sets of 20 (or more) just for our amusement, or to collect a paycheck that, in some cases, may consist mostly of wheels and T-shirts.

One can huck their carcass in a variety of ways, and we've tried to capture that versatility through this article. Thus, you'll see examples of carcass hucks that are straight ollies, kicklfips, and even a top-notch carcass huck into a bank.

So hold your knees and ankles close as we present "Skateboarding's Best Carcass Huckers"

  • Aaron "Jaws" Hamoki

    Jaws might be made of rubber. He's definitely not human, or only partially human. Maybe he doesn't have bones? We don't know, but he can certainly huck that carcass of his. You can check his ollie here or just check his entire Happy Medium 2 part for continued carcass hucking and some serious tranny skills to boot.
  • Andrew Reynolds

    Andrew Reynolds isn't known for his power ollies necessarily, but we he has hucked his kickflips down some seriously large sets in his time. Wallenberg backside flip? Check. Hollywood High kickflip? Check. Oh, and a varial heel too. Once dubbed the "best stair skater of all time" by some dude, Reynolds is a technician's carcass hucker. This one pretty much sums it up.
  • Ali Boulala

    Boulala has had some solid carcass hucks in his time, but the biggest one has to be the one above. No, he didn't land it, but it is a carcass huck for the ages.
  • Corey Duffel

    We have a sneaking suspicion that Duffel, like Jaws, is made of rubber. Just look at the above photo for evidence, or check this carcass huck for further proof.
  • Don Nguyen

    No, not the inventor of Flappy Bird. And not the poker player either. And not this Nuge. This Nguyen is the "guy who ollied" El Toro, one of the most epic carcass hucks of all time. And he did it first try. Beat that! Now just wait until someone comes along and kickflips it.. oh, wait. That already happened. Damnit, skateboarding, you move too fast for us!

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