Skateboarding's Most Blatant Abuses of Power

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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions... For those of you not up to date on your Latin proverbs this quote implies that even if you're trying to do some good, your actions can have unforeseen consequences... Skinny jeans come to mind for some reason. 

For those involved on the "business side" of skating, their intentions for our useless wooden toys are (almost) always good, but like any other business, sometimes they gotta make some POWER moves.

Sometimes, in the case of Steve Rocco, they work. Other times they just confuse. 

These are "Skateboarding's Most Blatant Abuses of Power".

  • Phelpers; Thrasher Magazine

    So the story is that this guy, former Element pro Billy Pepper, got pissed and.. Wait, that's not Billy Pepper? Who is it? Brian Peppers? OK, fine, whatever- nobody will even notice. So the story is that, after receiving Thrasher's Most Annoying Skater award in 1995, Pepper went to Thrasher's offices to wreck shop. Instead, he was banned for life from the mag. But Pepper isn't the only one. In fact, in a couch sesh with Crailtap, Phelps gave his Top 5 Banned Skaters from Thrasher list.
  • Steve Rocco; World Industries

    Steve Rocco's entire career has been a blatant abuse of power, and that's why we like him. When he was a washed-up freestyle skater without a sponsor, he borrowed cash from a loan shark and started World Industries. He built his riders a skate park back before it was mandatory to have your own Berrics and paid them in cash (sometimes strippers). And in his ultimate power move he led the creation of Flameboy & Wet Willy, cashed his way out, and finger-boarded his way into a Hawaiian sunset.
  • Tony Hawk's Twitter Whorefest

    Tony Hawk is THE biggest name in skateboarding. If that is news to you Millennials, let me explain in a way you will better understand... He has over 3.5 MILLION Twitter Followers!!! And while Tony is definitely our favorite 'varibot', sometimes when you see your hero pandering to the masses on Twitter to win competitions you just kinda feel icky inside... That is until you go vote for Birdhouse on KOTR and The Birdman actually comes through with a follow, say whaaaaaaat?!? Once you get that alert "Tony Hawk is now following you on Twitter" somehow all suddenly becomes forgiven. Just because he got paid to endorse Bagel Bites doesn't mean he ain't above begging for re-tweets on Twitter like the rest of us.
  • The Osiris Team; circa 1999

    Up until it's release in 1999, "The Storm" was one of the most hyped skate videos of all-time. But instead of stoking, The Storm mostly puzzled. At least, it puzzled me. Instead of stoke, I got 3 mph lines, Josh Kasper ollieing over a DJ, and footage of paintball interspersed between the parts.
  • Weezy F. Baby; TrukFit

    WTF, why is Lil Wayne in here AGAIN? Jesus, can't he just chill and not pop up as everyone's homie these days? No dude, Lil Wayne makes our list NOT because he started skating. I mean honestly, with his work ethic, if he sticks with it he could eventually land a kickflip. The reason he makes our list is because he throws around his hip-hop credentials to go skating with a bunch of star struck pros pulling tricks you did when you were in 5th grade and marketing his TrukFit brand to Slackliners.
  • Nyjah's Dad: #SkateLifeDad

    Between holding footage captive and not paying Huston the cash he earned as a teen skateboarder, we couldn't help but add Nyjah Huston's Dad to our list. Way to take the Skate Dad Lifestyle to the extreme. NOW GO PRACTICE YOUR KICKFLIPS OR DADDY IS GOING TO BE VERY ANGRY!
  • Skateboarding these days can have a pretty clean image- P-Rod loves Jesus, the Birdman has a backyard jacuzzi, and Terry Kennedy has his own show on BET.

    It wasn't always this way. And for all the success that folks are acheiving these days, we at SkateMore sometimes yearn for a time like the early 90s when skateboarding wasn't cool, World Industries was, and wheels were 36 millimeters.

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