Ray Barbee x Vans: Seeing In Monochrome

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This past weekend Atlas hosted a Ray Barbee x Vans shoe release party at their shop in San Mateo, CA. The night was dedicated to Ray's new colorways as well as a select photo gallery from the works of Brian Gaberman, Anthony Acosta and Ray Barbee himself.

To top it all off Tommy Guerrero and Alfredo Ortiz joined Ray for an incredible jam session that kept the shop packed! Of course the free Pabst Blue Ribbon didn't hurt either.

Scroll on for a good time in black and white... This is "Seeing In Monochrome".

 Arriving fashionably late... It's a shoe release party after all.

 Atlas Skate Shop | San Mateo, CA

 The new Ray Barbee Vans "colorway"... In black & white.

Select Prints by Ray Barbee, Brian Gaberman & Anthony Acosta

 Ray Barbee & Anthony Acosta

 Taking a photo of Anthony taking a photo of Ray taking a photo... What?

Put down one passion and pick up another. 

 Slowly filling the cracks in a sea of people.

 Now the fun begins!

 Thanks for the hospitality Atlas!

 See you next time!

All Photos by Garrett Remy (@gremyphoto)

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