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Skateboarding has seen its fair share of crazy over the years. With the eccentric cast of characters that make up the world of skateboarding it's pretty much expected. Of course crazy comes in all forms... You've got your harmless Gonz level circle-board quirkiness to your all-out textbook crazy-with-a-capital-C Mark "Gator" Rogowski killing his girlfriend's friend.

But we're not going to get that grim (that's for another article), and instead we're presenting some of our favorite public displays of more lighthearted crazy.

Each of the following events represents a little act of crazy that is forever immortalized in skate history. So as the holiday season draws ever near, be thankful the voices are still only in your head and read all about SkateMore's "Public Displays of Crazy."

  • Jereme Rogers Dances on his Rooftop Naked

    Jereme has had a few public acts of crazy to his credit, including our personal favorite, this Youtube video. Sorry, we mean "music video". In another moment of craziness captured by the public eye, Rogers ate a bunch of mushrooms before preaching naked on his rooftop, culminating in his being detained by Redondo Beach's finest. Full story here.
  • Lennie Kirk Finds Jesus

    Lennie came to Cali from the midwest sometime in '95 and made an immediate impact. He skated gnarly things switch before anyone else did; his switch backside 5-0 at Hubba Hideout for example. Evidence of the largely unrealized potential that is Lennie Kirk, check this Hella Clips mix. For evidence of Lennie's sheer, Jesus-fueled crazy, watch Lennie Kirk in TimeCode.
  • Sean Sheffey Tries to Steal Method Mans' Mic

    As Sheffey said on Chrome Ball: "Yeah, I just had this little scheme to snatch the microphone. I didn’t know how offensive that was. That was my first experience with professional musicians. I’d never dealt with that before… but I got my first introduction and I now understand: never touch the Method Man’s mic."

    Sheffey makes our list of Public Acts of Crazy list for taking Meth Vs. Chef a little too literally.

    Meth vs. Shef
  • Brian Wenning Leaves Selfish via a Youtube Announcement

    This Wenning video (click the image to view) could perhaps also be titled "Public Acts of Vulnerability." It features a down-and-out Brian Wenning who decides to announce his decision to leave Selfish Skateboards publicly, via YouTube.
  • Mike Vallely Kicks 4 Asses at Once

    Now, for crazy of a different variety, we turn to Mike Vallely delivering his special brand of epic, hockey-like beat down to this gaggle of jocks.

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